RS Tags No More??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tups, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. tups

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    Ok this is a new can of worms opening up here in the Northeast. Today we received a message over the diad "Beginning tomorrow call tags will no longer be issued. All call tags will now be done by ODS, on call service, one time pickup. You will need to be sure your truck is stocked up with SDG forms" What is this? I found no mention of an upcoming PCM on Anyone else hear of this? And what are we supposed to do? Go to a house, or business with blank forms and wait for them to be filled out? Will we be given extra time allowances? And what about that crap Pottery Barn Queen who decides to send back all 25 pieces, or the snowbirds moving from the North in October sending 20 boxes of clothes to Florida? And what about weight?(not that anyone ever gives the true correct weight anyway) DIM measurements? What, are we supposed to carry around a scale and tape measure now? Anyone else get this?
  2. scratch

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    Not here, RS and One Times are still in effect. Your OMS must be mistaken. An ASD or SDG form will not scan as a RS Label.
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    Asked my boss about it the other day and he had not heard of any such news.
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    Tups i work in Brockton but i must have missed that Ods today. Do you work in the East Or West center?
  5. Griff

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    That system would work out better anyways. The OMS people here constantly mess up calltags and then blame the drivers for their mistakes. I guess that's a learned habit picked up by being around management all day long.
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    If it is changed to a ods pickup you will get a lot more time credit than a rs. Of course it will take more time. I used to drop the labels off and have the people fill them out and then go back to pick up the pieces.
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    heard the same thing from a few of the drivers today. they were told at their pcm on Monday .. NJ here
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    I posted about this a month ago. No more 1-time pickups here, everyhting is now handled as an on-call pickup. We still have call tags though.
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    One time pickups have been discontinued and customers are being directed to the nearest UPS Store. We still have call tags and have not heard about them being discontinued.
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    I remember that post and the nightmares that follwed for the next week.
  12. brownmonster

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    Iv'e had 2 on calls that I sent to the local pack n ship. 14$ for a 2 pound pkg going 20 miles? They were hapy I saved them money. This must be the intention.
  13. BleedBrown

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    The One Pickup Initiative, which eliminates One Time Pickups (OTPU), will be deployed throughout the 1st quarter 2008 in a phased approach This deployment is being coordinated with Corporate CSC in order to manage CSC agent training and customer call volume. OTPU requests which are made via customer calls to the CSC will be converted to On Demand Pickups (ODS) on a statewide basis per the deployment schedule. Corporate CSC will route calls to specific CSC Call Centers based on Area Codes and will be following this state by state schedule.

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    We were given that same PCM this week. The next day a driver had a one time pickup.
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    Got a question.....why?
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    Havent heard about call tags here in 804 but the 1 shots started this week as on call airs.Still getting call tags in the morning in my mail box.
  17. satellitedriver

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    What's an SDG form?
    Never heard of it.
  18. scratch

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    Same Day Ground. Ground version of On Call Air Pick UP.
  19. satellitedriver

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    Thanks, we still have the old GSD forms here.
  20. paidslave

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    What a we have to fill out these forms again for the custmers!:sick: