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  1. I drove RTD last year for about two month during peak (RTD = june1-dec31 for any confusion) June is a few weeks away and I was curious if I drove RTD last year am I automatically RTD this year I signed the list just to be safe but no call yet with lessseniority getting calls happening and also is qualified RTD able to be bumped by a pter who has more seniority ? 2nd year temp driver here missed the ft list by 7 peps just confused on some details
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    He means TCD. They might call it something else where he is.
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    We call it STD. Get to the clinic dude. That June chick has some nasty- nasty!
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    Remove the scabs and carry on.
  6. What is rtd? If you are talking about a temporary cover driver there should be an intent sheet. If you are talking about being a single day coverage driver that would be an intent sheet as well. Call your ba, talk to your boss or a steward.