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    Too many said full-time in my center some not on seniority list posted this week but are all full-time. In my center there are like 10 of us with more seniority than others drivers in other centers that made that seniority list.Are we not able to bump them to the buliding 1st? Don't mind if it's the guy next to me with similar seniority date but when it the guy less than a year I have a problem. Business agents and stewards say they don't know the answer yet and don't seem to care had one guy say I wish to work full-time in the buliding. Not I when it's about 400-500 loss per week. Thanks for those who know the answer to the knowledge I seek.
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    Is English your 2nd language?
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    What local are you from??
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    Ebonics maybe???????
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    Yolo . And yes it is . I'm in a center where 10 of us are not on the seniority list any more.......we have more seniority than others drivers in other centers in my buliding just want to know if we are able to bump . Thanks
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    My building has two centers. For lay off purposes it goes by building seniority. Yes in my building you can bump. Of course that means a lot more work for management to ride and train another driver for a one or two day lay off.
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    My buliding had three centers. 80-85 routes for other two centers. my center has 70-75 routes. But thanks will file and bump the juniors .
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  10. Future

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    The Village called..........they are missing there idiot
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    Alright. I read that about 3 times and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what you're asking.
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    First thing that came to my mind when I read the thread title!
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    My humble opinion is that seniority should apply local wide. For example in my local, which recently added more buildings, there are certain buildings that are allowed to "borrow" drivers and feeder drivers from each other but in the rest of the local it's not allowed. I've mentioned numerous times throughout the year....the hub gets to perform the other buildings' feeder work in addition to their own but the reverse isn't allowed. Why not just open everything up to the entire local instead of catering to certain buildings?
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    Alright. I read that about 3 times and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what you're asking. . . What don't you understand? If 10 drivers in one center get sent to the buliding. Can those same drivers bump junior drivers in the other two centers? Swag
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    So even you agree you don't understand your own question. Looks like Member 6045 can't keep his multiple forum names straight.
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    Swag troll you are. No man just copy and pasted the quote.
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    Ha clown? Wtf are you talking about?? Seems like multiple screen names must be your gig?
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    aaaa it their........congrats grandpa ....
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    Just grieve and or bump and let them sort it out