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    During and towards the end of last year's peak, I saw many references made about drivers "running out of hours", which could have made it difficult for some centers to have drivers available for days like the Christmas Eve special this year. I remember reading on here about one or two guys who "ran out of hours" back in October. What "hours" are being referenced here? It can't be related to DOT requirements because with the fines involved I am sure UPS would try to avoid that.
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    The "hours" being referred to are DOT driving hours (60) and working hours (70). You cannot drive more than 12 hours per day and cannot work more than 14 hours per day (driving and helper). Some centers poorly plan their dispatches and drivers do run out of hours on Friday.
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    You answered your own question. DOT regs restrict us to 60 hours per week. Theres more to it but thats it in a nutshell.
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    But such hours "refresh" every week, so how could drivers "running out" in October affect their availability in December? Is there a yearly max as well? And if so, how does UPS avoid the fines, as well as the drivers?
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    Generally, hours do refresh each week for Package drivers who do not work weekends.
    However, there is a 60 hour max. If you were to work 13 hours Mon - Thurs, you would only have 8 hours available for Friday. If one of those days you worked a little over 13, then you would have less than 8 available Friday, and that opens more cans of worms.
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    Also remember the new rules do not have to take effect till July 2013. Companies can start them early if they want, but UPS has not done so.
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    Actually the reset does not apply to package car drivers. We are on a 60hrs in a rolling 7 day period, or 70 in a rolling 8 days.

    Hours of service are only for the 7 or 8 day period, I think you were misunderstanding the earlier posts you read. I would imagine people were simply stating that if they were already running out of hours in October or early November what was the company going to do when it realy got busy in December?
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    A reset would occur for a Package driver (like any other driver) if you had 34 hours off between shifts. Everyone is on a 60 hour in a rolling 7 day period, and everyone resets anytime they have 34 hours off.

    Under the current DOT rules....
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    The driver would get fined not UPS.
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    Thank you. This probably it. I know about the 12/60 rule, but was confused when I read about guys running out in October.
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    You can drive for 14 hours a day. I had many days over 12 hours this peak.
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    You can also work more than 14. However, no driving period after 14 and that includes all breaks.
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    Both incorrect.
    You can't drive more than 11 hours per day. "Driving time" does not count whenever you're out of the truck doing your deliveries and p/us, or on lunch or break. So even if you worked over 12, you didn't drive over 11.
    I've worked 14 hours in Feeders many times without all those stops, and I still don't drive 11 hours.