Running routes


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Man there’s nothing worse than getting used to a country route with 80 stops and 1 pickup then coming in one morning to run a downtown route with 150 stops 29 pickups. IN THE BLIND. Feels like a different job.


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That's how our center is. All low seniority drivers delivering rural routes when the bid driver is on vacation or sick. And they always complain about having to do them too!
Our bottom guys tend to cover in-town routes and leave the rural routes to those of us more experienced split drivers.

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If you are a country driver can they make you run a metro route cause i had to run one in the blind today
Here cover drivers pick based on seniority routes that they have ran previously. The center must be notified in advance, someone's desire to run a new route.

It's pretty good until you realize management sucks at managing and the greviances are just a show-and-tell. Covers run routes blind all the time still.