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    I have been with UPS for 14 years in the uk and I am coming out to NY in September,could anyone give me the contact name or address of the metro ctr mgr or supv.As yes you guessed am planning on visiting the ctr.Have been out to San Francisco and seen a different pkg car at every corner of the financial district (doing nothing joking!!).

    If it is any consolation all we here from div mgrs over here is productivity productivity......

  2. browniehound

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    My opinion to you is skip NYC. There are just way too many people there. I think you should come visit the fine city of Boston. I know NY is bigger and has the better reputation, but I've been all over the world and Boston is as fine a city as there is on the planet. Come visit us instead and I'll give you all the center manager's names in the district if you'd like. Did I mention that I hate the Yankees?????:wink:
  3. we're always looking for new people at the WORMA hub on the preload or so it seems ;-)

    however thats not Boston haha, oh and to just go along with browniehound, I hate the Yankees too :lol:
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    I think will give the preload shift a miss,have had enough experience of 02.00 starts in my time but thanks anyway.
    question for you though is there a waiting list to become a driver in the US???
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    Hey Westside,
    Ya know your close enough to be considered Boston. For all "intents and purposes" Worcester is basically a very large suburb of Boston:tongue_sm
  6. we're a wannabe its true :wink:
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    Wait times for full time vary depending on the area. Here in Metro NY it could be a few years. But it might be worth it. No place has more to see or do 24/7. You can post your resume at for any location and view job listings as well. Good luck! P.S. GO YANKEES!
  8. browniehound

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    Hey, what's up Dan? My favorite baseball playoff series ever was the 2004 ALCS. I was just wondering if you happened to agree with me?
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    Can't win em all. Bucky f#$% Dent
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    Visit Boston as long as you don't plan on trying to find a parking place anywhere in the city.
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    Hey guys, this guy is an Englishman, shouldn't he be looking for work in one of our deserts? There is huge growth in the Vegas and Phoenix areas; maybe job opportunities would be better there. If he likes an ocean with his sand, then I would investigate southern California. There are a lot of Brits here already.
  12. Can't Log in

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    The impression I got was that the original poster just wants to visit the center while on vacation, not that they are necessarily looking for work.

    I don't have any contact info for you, but when I visited NYC it was nice to see a UPS package car on nearly every block (was interesting to see the NDA/envelope drop slots built into the package cars, had never seen that before).
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    Slots built into the cars? That would be pretty handy. I know there are times I sit and wait for a driver to come out of "whatever stop" he is at so that I can hand him an NDA envelope. This is after our driver has already made his regular pick up at our work and the box in town has been picked up. When my husband is driving for vacations/peak, I can just call him and find out where he'll be, but when he's laid off it's just kind of going through town and looking for the big brown!
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  14. rod

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    The heck with the UPS building. I hear you should check out a place called Scores. :)
  15. cino321

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    Wanna know what's even better about them... when people dump their NDA's in there without billing information or nothing just a address... lol.
  16. lostintransit

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    That would stink. What do you do when that happens?
  17. someone

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    my advice is two-fold. first, skip the NYC visit as someone said. NYC is just a big city like london. seen one big city, seen them all. second, start looking for an establishment that offers multiple brands of cider on tap. they're hard to find here in the states. biggest thing i miss about the uk is all the cider on tap.

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  19. LOL :w00t: