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    how about theese sales leads? what is customer service for?? after all how can we get them when 1st of all they load us up for bear and cant even get done 2nd of all they dont want us talking to customers ?but its ok to talk to them about a sales lead? ya ok!! 3rd remember we made ups us not the mangers we did the teamsters!! we need to get a good contract to protect us on all the b.s that is going on sales leads,9.5, making us call them,and the gps thought they have a thing called trust!!! trust who!! is all b.s just rember gang it use to be fun to work here and its getting wose by the day and not gonna get any better unless we do something about it just look at the pass system said it would be the best thing ya ok never seen so many missloads, terriable loads and so on we sat down to set edd up and now its out of our hands thay do what they want when they want not even looking out for the customers just looking at there numbers to make them look good.what a joke vote no lots can be changed !!
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    drop the bottle..please
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    since the sales lead program amex. cards have made over 2000$ not bad for filling out a little form.
  4. 1989

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    I got about $6000 between jan. 1999 and june 2000. The internet boom was great........June 2000 was my last lead.......a dishonest driver was stealing them......and no, it wasn't me.
  5. i hear that man all my leads were stolen by a guy at the call ctr !!!:sad:
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    hey buddy, so is ups ireland a small operation. Always interesting to find out how many buildings, and drivers there are in other countries. There was an article one year in ups mag about turkey and how they have hundreds of "brown" drivers. Pretty inpressive since I have never seen a pickup or delivery in or out of that country. Does fedex have a large presence in Ireland?
  7. Brownnblue

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    When was it fun to work here???
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    It was funner, in the late 80's. It got un funner in 2003-/2005.
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    The golden 80's!!! Beer and pizza, baby, beer and pizza!!!! I keep saying that for all of us that remember when UPS used to take us out for beer and pizza at the end of the shift. Great days before all the lawyers got involved.
  11. david cassin

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    hi i work for ups in dublin ireland and have got some good items from sales leads points over the last 12 months.i work in the brokerage dept so see the new customers coming through when doing customs clearence,i think as the drivers are our "face of the company" the see the competition coming and going in and out of companies.
    ireland has 3 centers dublin cork and shannon and 1 billing ctr/1 icstc centre alsong with various scs parts of the aren't as big as they were here back pre 1992 but we are up against it to a certain degree with dhl as they seem to ship goods for little or nothing,god knows how they make any profits.although when your propped up by the old german gov it doesn't help.the driver that points were stolen should try and get a p/word and get logged onto one of the computersin the centre and send the sales leads online and that way they won't be stolen..
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    AAAHHHH! Beer and Pizza! That, along with football on Sundays is proof that God loves us:wink:

    It doesn't get much better than this!

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    I would like to know where is our Freight lead money? I have had two customers switch and ship Freight but, no $$$ so far on the card. Until I see my $50 dollars I'm done getting leads.
  14. alister

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    The PE department still has the old hub manager's desk in storage. This is a huge mahogany desk complete with mini bar. now it is in storage and the current hub managers office is about the size of the old desk and he no longer has his own private bathroom with shower that they used to have.
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    Those were the good old days. I still have memories of the whole Center going down the street to a Pizza place and taking it over after work. Many pitchers of beer were consumed, and we even had guys dancing on a table one night!:lol: Its a wonder no one was killed or got locked up for DUI driving home.