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I am new here. Thanks for the wonderful forum!
I am considering a career change to UPS. If I am reading correctly it sounds like the time it takes to become a full time delivery driver will vary from location to location. What is the best way to find out how long the expected wait is? The locations I am interested in are in the Sarasota Bradenton area,
Thanks in advance. This forum is a great resource.


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Welcome to the Browncafe, glad you found us. :cool:

You're correct about each UPS location having a different waiting period to become a full time driver. One way to get a more accurate picture is to go to the building you're interested in and ask the Human Resources department. They would have a list and could probably give you an approximate time frame. Also you might want to go to the delivery centers in that building and ask the center managers how their hiring needs look.

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Thanks for the reply.
We do not actually live in Sarasota yet, but I will try and contact the HR dept the next time we are in town.