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    sat air driver in the center i work went full time at another center but had an accident before his 30 days so was sent back. after a ride with an on car sup got his sat air driving privledges back. my understanding is its a year before he can go full time driving again. theres a bid going up for mon-fri part time air driver and he has more senority than me. does anyone know if he's eligable? and if so what are the odds he wins the bid? any info on this would be appreciated, thanks.
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    I would think he would get the job if he bids on it and has seniority over other bidders.
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    Part time to full time is not addressed in the NMA. It's in your regional supplement. In my region, after being disqualified, the employee is eligible to bid on new FT jobs after 6 months. Check your supplement in the contract.
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    Yes they are most likely eligible if you said their air driving privs are in check. If they have the most seniority, the jobis theirs for the taking. Air driving and FT driving are two different operations and segregated, to my knowledge. May want to check your local supplement, though.

    For ex, I was a 22.3 air driver who went FT driving, DQ'd (well, turned down job) and went back air driving. I could not FT drive for another year, but can air drive.
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    thanks, the only thing i question is our classification is not air driver its preload. far as i understand we're exception drivers. we drive on sat provided theres enough work if not bottom senority person doesnt work. during the week we can be used as an exception. example being if the building gets flooded with airs and theres not enough drivers to cover the workload they can use an exception driver to help. my building bended the rules on this. i was being used every day for over a year. was even given airport access to cover the regulars when they were out. between working preload and driving it was almost like having full time. this guy ahead of me never wanted to do it because he was too dumb and lazy so i happily did the work. after he screwed up his opportunity for full time he started bumping me off the work i was doing all that time. sucks for me but it wasnt my work it was a workload i was allowed to cover for an extended period of time. im gonna try to argue the classification and ask i be considered over him since he has the accident.
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    Are you going to argue this.... Or the pertinent contract language ?

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    calling him dumb and lazy at the job although true would'nt help me much. just gonna bring up classification and contract laungauge.
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    You should not (nor any PT air driver) have been doing airport runs or any shuttle work if following the contract. That is in Art 40 and is full-time work only. The company is walking all over the contract and you or anyone else participating, are not helping. When you work FT hours as a PT, you are essentially allowing the company to have their cake and eat it - to 'use' you, or whatever preload/exception air driver, to cover a possible FT job that would be created otherwise. I know you and other preloaders want the hours, however in reality, you're taking them away! (and better pay)

    The bottom line is that seniority should always dictates who gets what work. The accident will not have any bearing over who drives unless that person was taken off of the road permanently.
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    when i did the work i was under the impression using exceptions on the regular was allowed. it was great for me personally i was getting hours and top air driver pay. felt like my hard work in preload was paying off. wasnt until i got bumped and the pt air driver job came up that i started looking into the contract closely. the hours were close to full time because i would start on preload then drive about 2 hours a day mon-fri plus the 5 hours i would drive on sat .all and all was working about 30 hours a week as a part timer. the jobs gonna become a regular position but not 22.3. its gonna be a mon tru fri pt air driver no inside or sat work.
    not so sure about the accident not having bearing though. he cant go route driving for a year and is classified as a preloader. air driver would be a classification change. have been speaking to shop stewards and senior full timers and was told having an accident can deffinately hold him back.
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    If the accident was minor, and esp if they were not at fault, they should not be pulled from driving. That is not necessarily what will happen, and the driver would have a battle, there.

    We (well, my old center) had PT exception air drivers with accidents - one I know personally and worked the same ctr, had two accidents in one year! ...also a Saturday air driver...and he is still driving.

    30 days on-road FT qualifying is not Article 40 qualifying, as far as the two distinct jobs go. If you fail your 30 days, it has no bearing on air driving. That is distinct from the accident, though.