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    UPS could save money and jobs by getting rid of the sups that walk around with clip boards doing nothing at all.I dont know about anywhere else,but in Canada we have sups for everything,i mean they hired a nineteen year old girl that has never del ,knows nothing about UPS to do driver audits.The drivers are the ones that will keep this company going ,not a bunch of $90,000 a year sups to reads reports that are just so stupid and fire as many drivers as possible for little or no reason.We as as drivers have to start sticking together ,like no one on there car till after pcm,our preload would die like a rat if that happened here.
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    Do you realize what you're saying? If UPS got rid of all the clipboard carrying dead wood, the clipboard manufacturing industry would collapse. This would start a domino effect. Next would be the paper industry, no clipboards - no need for paper. Then would come the pen and pencil industries. The graphite and ink industries would flounder. Even the companies that make the little rubber pencil erasers would be hit. No paper & ink - no books, newspapers and magazines.

    Schools across the land will close because they can't get supplies. The students, with nothing else to do will run rampant
    through the streets. Anarchy will encompass the land. This will eventually bite UPS in the ass come next Peak. Instead of hiring 50 gazillion Christmas helpers, they'll be laying off tens of thousands. UPS won't be delivering Christmas presents to little Johnny because his father lost his job at the pencil eraser factory.

    We have to keep the doorstops and paperweights employed. It is vital to the global economy. You have to Get the Big Picture.
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    Too much coffee Big?
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    Now I don't care who ya are, that there is funny....

    Motorola stock would also collapse, don't forget.

    We have a sup in Allentown, a female on local sort - at least I think she is a sup, she has a clipboard and a reflective vest - that spends the entire evening helping increase the revenue of cingular wireless, if you get my drift, while assuring that the walls don't fall down by selflessly leaning on them all night.
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    Even better is how much money we could save by getting rid of dead weight Teamsters who think we owe them a job. Now that would be some savings.
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    If we got rid of all the deadwood Teamsters, they wouldn't have anyone to promote into management.
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    I don't think a single one of our sups, puts even 50% effort towards their job. When no one is looking the FT sups go home and leave the PT sups in charge of everything. Well guess what, with FT sups gone, the PT sups begin the phone calling to their friends, or just sit around and talk gossip. Funny all the hourlies still do their jobs and make this company continue to operate. They could rid us of all our sups, save for 1 OMS, and 1 Preload sup, and nothing would change. Sad that IE cant look at their numbers, and increase their SPOR to unrealistic levels.:peaceful:
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    Most people with clipboards in their hands are temporary employees or union revenue recovery auditors.

    Don't be so quick to assume that an employee who is not handling packages in the operations are $90,000 a year sup, unless you know for a fact threir job title.
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    The ones I've seen? If they make $5,000 a year, they are over-paid
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    C'mon, everyone has a job to do.

    They used to tell us the revenue recovery gals collect more than their salary.
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    I've just decided. I'm done with Brown Cafe. Life is too short to spend even five minutes looking at this drivel. The company is trying to survive the worst economy in 80 years and it is the same old crap on this site. Do any of you drivers ever talk to your customers????? Do you hear them talking tough about how their company stinks and owes them more than they are getting? etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. My God, wake up. I will miss STUG's photos and threads like that, but I can't stand going past all the hatred and ignorance on the other threads to find something refreshing. Good luck to all and hope to see you all still at ups on the other side (of this economic crisis).
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    but.... Drivel is fun!

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    Well, thanks for those 14 posts anyhow! Cya

    Or, instead of leaving you could help make Brown Cafe even better.
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    I like the drivel and drama. The Brown Cafe is my daily soap opera. I definitely wouldn't tune in if it weren't for the endless bitching and bickering.
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    90K a year from whom?? Part time sups who get out-earned by a lot the PT hourlies? Ownership continues to bring in differing levels of management for one reason, and one reason only. Results aren't there. If you would do what YOU needed to do according to what WE ask you to do, then you wouldn't see as many "useless" management people walking around your building.

    Cheers, and stay safe.
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    With 14 posts to your name I really don't think you gave us enough time!!:sad-little:

    You can pick and chose the threads you are interested in reading and contributing in.

    For instance sealbasher started this thread out of frustration... but then made it hilarious by saying that a 19 year girl was making 90k a year!!! :rofl: Then Big Babooba added to the humor with his clipboard collapse.

    Have a little fun and take every thread with a grain of salt.
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    Hey LightsOut,

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe!!

    Here we are with another example of someone's valid opinion.

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    Then that means you might have to get out and earn your paycheck. Oh wait you can't do that because you might not get your full lunch hour in. I have seen first hand that when our center manager is gone the rest of the FT sups sit around with their feet up and some even go home early. I wonder if every time you go to use the bathroom do you take that time out of your lunch hour? Everyone needs to account for their own time.