saving senority need help


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i started driving 2/15/94 in glendale center'' around may of 2004 they changed and combined centers from 5 centers down to 4 the new center was called southwest,last month i got a transfer from southwest to wickenburg center (we only have 6 drivers its a sort and load very nice)the problem is ups has bought land and a putting a new center combined from wickenburg and southwest(part of my original center)manager tells me i'll be bottom of senority very bottom i was 32 out 118 drivers when i left a month ago,if i would have known i wouldn't have transferred,i'm argueing its a transfer back to my original center so i should get my senority back,,,,any ideas,the union stewards not helping cause now he has more senority than me thats all he cares about


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It seems that they should go by your original hiring date into that position, although that would be fair and make too much sense. If your center job steward is no help, then go over his head to the local and get the straight facts. These things probably vary in different parts of the country according to supplemental agreements. We have a couple of New Orleans drivers who where rehired in my Hub, they kept their company seniority and were in Central States also, but were bumped to the bottom of the Center Seniority list. UPS and the Teamsters are still trying to work out the details on their situation.


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Out west if you transfer, you lose your seniority. If the company makes the change, you are feathered in by your start date with the center. You may have just made a decision that you could not have foreseen as being bad for you. I don't see how they can work around the policy because it turned out to adversely affect you.


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You've lost BUILDING seniority - not COMPANY seniority.

If the company moves the work and you follow it you maintain your seniority.

However - if you initiate the transfer you will lose your building seniority. Your amount of vacation you receive will remain the same - you will just be at the bottom of the list when it comes to choosing.

That is how the norcal contract rider reads and it sounds like you must have the same wording in yours. Look in your contract local area supplement. In ours it is buried in section 6 - closed or partially closed hubs.

WHAT? Don't tell me you don't have your own copy of the contract! If you don't have one GET ONE. Call the local business agent and tell him you need one. Much is explained (and muddied) in that document.

Good luck.