Saw a driver putting packages in his own vehicle

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Buru, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Buru

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    Driving home around 11 pm I saw a driver or on road sup in driver uniform pulling packages from package car and moving them to the back of a suv which probably belonged to him. It was at a gas station up the road from our hub.. Didn't think much of it, but now I regret not at least stopping and getting the package car number.. anyone ever seen this? What was the deal with that?
  2. MC4YOU2

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    Could be any one of many legit situations. Pkg car was disabled, pickups were going to miss the feeder pull, will call pkgs a customer needed their pkgs before midnight.

    Everything's traceable now. No one goes to a gas station in high visibility to steal pkgs.
  3. scooby0048

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    What would you have done with the package car number? Tell the supe what you saw? Big deal. You didn't bother stopping to see what was going on and I gather you're not a driver, so why all the sudden Johnny Law concern. The driver could have been stealing or he could have his own packages that were held for him at the center. Who cares, if he is doing something unlawful he will get caught.
  4. Buru

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    No John law concern, I have just never seen anything like that before. That's why I posted the thread, to see what it might of been. I figured it was something legit, just curious why drivers have to do this. Judging by how irritated you got by my post, I take it you are a on road sup or a frustrated driver. Judging by your response i gather if you suspected something strange or illegal was going on, you would just look the other way and do nothing because "who cares". Its good to know we have upstanding employees like you working for the company..
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    Are you female?
  6. scooby0048

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    You clearly have no clue how to read people. If you think that response indicated irritation, I can see why your observations of the incident were so troubling to you. I challenged you with questions on why you were so troubled by what you saw and presented an opportunity for some discussion and what you gleaned from that is that I was irritated.

    By the way, I am neither a supervisor or a frustrated driver.

    Good call but no. Thankfully people like you can rely on people like me to step up and ask questions and challenge the abnormal and protect the weak when you are too fearful or timid to own the situation.

    I agree, as you say, it's good to know we have upstanding employees like you working for the company..
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    Lets be real here. Its 11pm at night. Im not delivering that late. You'll get shot where I live going on someones property that late at night. It was more then likely an emergency service issue. Help out or keep driving.
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    Mind your own business.....IMG_0373.GIF
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