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    I have a question on how this could violate the contract? As you all know we del to the post office. We have a few POs that have 60 to 120 pkgs a day. UPS is now taking several boards and scanning the pkgs for that route. When the driver delivers the stop he has to use the other board and get the PO pkgs signed for. This seems to me to be an integrity issue. Simply because the preloader is not coded out during the time it takes to scan the pkgs and when the driver delivers he still has to make sure the count is right. Since this has begun the affected drivers have noticed a loss in allowance and an increase in stops as a result. Any thoughts?
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    Also, Article 12 says, "No supervisor shall use a DIAD, or any other information recorded through the use of any other technology, under the name of an hourly employee unless the employee is present."

    Logically, this should also apply to a Supervisor instructing a preloader to use a DIAD without the delivery driver present.

    If a preloader is scanning the packages, without the driver re-scanning them, this could also be seen as a Contract violation if Driver's Helpers are not permitted during this time of year.
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    This is something the two of you had better get used to as it will only become more common. Prerecording and bagging Basic packages addressed to the Post Office saves time for everyone involved, including the driver and the P.O. employee. The driver delivers the forever bags and has the P.O. employee sign the DIAD. The P.O. will then process those packages at their convenience, giving back the forever bags from the previous days delivery. Each P.O. has their own procedure. Some will have an employee there while our driver delivers while others will let the driver deliver and then find an employee to have them sign the DIAD.

    The obvious concern with this new procedure is that there is no package count done. The bags are dropped unopened and the DIAD is signed. Another concern would be missed scans.

    It is not uncommon for preloaders to prerecord bulk stops, whether for a PC or feeder.

    Basic is only going to grow and I see this as a time-saver for all involved.
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    A grievance could be filed to clarify this new Contract language. Or the Grievant (I love that word) could wait until discipline is given out for missed scans, or missing packages.

    One solution is to follow Small Sort bagging proceedures and have the bags closed, with a new barcode label on the bag. The preloader scans the individual packages, and is responsible for them; the driver scans the outer bag label, and is not responsible for the contents.

    Before we handled Basic Packages for the USPS our preloaders would sometimes bag smalls if they were all going to the same place. A plastic bag was used, and all the retangular smalls were loaded so every barcode was facing out. The driver then just scanned all the smalls right through the plastic bag at the delivery stop. Very quick. No need for a preloader to pre-record. (This wouldn't work for a bag full of envelopes though.)
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    I would think that the preloader scaning packages is a violation. A part timer doing the work of a driver (scaning a package) and that the post office is delivering UPS packages ( subcontracting). There was a article in Time Mag. about this. Our CEO stated that these package are the loser packages and that they are at the end of dirt roads and such. Not true. I del. in town and and out of town and these basic del are going to people in town as well. Also the post office carriers tell me that if the box is to big they make the customer come to the PO to pick up the box that they paid to have del. to their front door. Jm2c.
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    I would estimate that about 1/3 of my residential stops are Basic packages and see this growing to nearly 1/2 within the next few year. Basic is not going anywhere. Do I like this level of service? No. I don't like the fact that we drive by the address on the pkg to deliver the pkg to the P.O. so that they can deliver it the following day to the address that we just drove by. But I know that this is revenue that we would otherwise not be receiving so I can deal with it.

    Scanning packages is to be done by an hourly, not necessarily a driver.

    JonFrum had the best suggestion thus far. Scan and load in forever bags, seal the bags and place a barcode on the bag, Driver scans the barcode and Post Office signs for the packages.
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    Thanks all for the replies. Jon I will look into your suggestions. Yes, the the sups are instructing the preloaders to scan pkgs with second diad board. What gets me is that the drivers have to go back and verify the count, if its wrong then he has to go back and scan everything in order to find which pkg was missed. Potential problems like this will pop up!
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    I used to deliver partial trailer loads of returns and supplies to a major shipper. Way back when the preload recorded the packages on paper records. As technology was introduced the packages were recorded in a data collector and the delivery records were printed for me. This was done at the hub, not in the center. Unfortunately that company was bought out and I have no idea were the work went since I retired. Being a TDP driver no one cared about my over under. Since part of my day was paid by a delivery center and the rest by feeders my pay was usually the issue.
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    Yes, this basic del. service is growing. When I stated del on the rt. I am on now a little over a year ago, I had an avg. of 75 boxes to the po. now I avg. over 100. And yeah, I'll del a stop and the customer will come out and say where is my where is my other box. Your web site said it was already del. I explain and they just look at me with there mouth open.

    As far as scanning packages, I thought that that was a drivers job. Preloaders are different classification and pay ,so I was under the impression that they would have to be paid driver pay if they are scanning and bagging them with my diad and then prerecording them. Once I get to the PO. I hit the prerecord button and have them sign. I do not verify the number of boxes or if any other boxes are in the bags by mistake. A discrepancy occurs two or three times a week, but management does not say anything to me because they are trying to increase my SPORH. If I was to check the box count and for misloads and such I think mang. would freak out. As for scanning a barcode on the bag. Thats more work to have to be done. they dont want to add another step to this process as it is all about increasing SPORH.
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    I would do 2 things.

    1) File the grievance on Article 12 as JonFrum has said and

    2) Rescan the packages every day to be 100% certain the package count is accurate. Unless instructed otherwise.
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    They havent tried to discipline me for anything. My management team just wants me to throw the bags out and get a signature. Rescaning the packages would bring the wrath of every sup. in the district down on me for any and everything they could think of. I am already on their bad list, So in this instance, I just work as instructed.
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    Are Basic packages still no claim packages? If they are why make a mountain out of a mole hill? Work as directed and be safe.
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    I disagree with upstate. That is work that our union brothers could have. Instead it is on one truck while routes are cut. All we have over USPS is service. Now we give them that in an effort to have the bussiness? What happens when they figure out how to match our service and take our bussiness with them and we have nothing.

    I once loaded a package car that had a stop that got 30 boxes a day from the same place. One day they got 3 boxes. I asked the driver what happened and he told me that shipper went to Fed-ex. Three months later the volume was back because our service was better. Perhaps if we didn't help the USPS get the stuff quicker and better people would ship more with us?
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Basic is something you and everyone else had better get used to as it is only going to grow as more and more shippers look to lower their shipping costs. It would be ideal if the work stayed with us but our price point is making that more difficult. Have you tried getting a sales lead lately?

    The one thing we do have to offer is service but shippers and consumers are willing to forego service in order to save money.
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    OK so screw it. lets just scrap our whole company and shut the doors because USPS can do it cheaper! ***!? NO! You don't give the competition the opportunity to steal our bussiness. You fight! Not upstate though, he'll carry it out the door for them.

    Basic as in basic one attempt cheaper no claims that is delivered out of a brown truck are ok. Dumping crap at the post office is not.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I never said that I agree with the concept but I am realistic enough to know that this is revenue that we would not have received. I am also realistic enough to know that Basic is not going anywhere and will continue to grow.

    Give it a few years and the Post Office will be delivering all of our rural residential stops.
  17. Shifting Contents

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    But dude, it is revenue we would have received. After a while majority of shippers come back. My father had a basic delivery the got misdelivered by the post office three times. He has vowed to ask the shippers and never use that service again.

    I see we are eye to eye on the basic (no pun intended) issue here. Neither of us like it. I just don't see why we have to sell the car for gas money.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    First of all, don't call me dude. Second, it is common knowledge that the Post Office beats us on pkgs up to 2 lbs, which is what the majority of Basic packages are. Third, shippers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their shipping costs and Basic fits the bill.

    I would be curious to see what the revenue split is on a Basic package.
  19. Shifting Contents

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    Sorry sir. My mistake sir. Wont happen again SIR!

    If the post office beats us on small packages and shippers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs why aren't we looking for REASONABLE ways to do it for them? Why don't we have some sort of flat rate box? Why don't we expand our basic service with one attempt and no claims? Even with our EXTREME labor costs that we are constantly reminded of there has to be a way.

    Again, I reiterate my point as to why are we selling the car to buy gas money?
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I like the idea of a flat rate box. I also like the idea of a flat rate ground envelope. There are many options that could be explored.

    Selling the car to get gas money?