Scary parallel to Fedex

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by thedownhillEXPRESS, May 28, 2013.

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    I recently read an article about JC Penney and Ron Johnson, who was a "superstar" brought in to revise the brand...with disastrous results. All sorts of expensive new ideas, almost all of which failed miserably. They had to lure the former CEO back out of retirement to try and save Penney's from going away altogether. Very similar to what's happening at Express right now. Total idiocy on the part of management, and a backlash from employees who see they are being "led" by morons.
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    Nothing worse than a rich moron.
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    If things don't go back the way they were, I predict it won't be here in 3 to 5 years.
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    Some similarities but some important differences too. They both may end up with the same result because they were trying to please that same insatiable master.... Wall Street.

    Fedex has a lot of problems now that if not addressed could spell the end.
    an inability to attract talent at every level. From driver to CEO. Morale of frontline employees driven into the ground by shortsighted policies, inadaquate training and regular takeaways of pay and benefits. And a trend to market the company as goods rather then a service.
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    Ron Johnson will probably be hired by FedEx to "renew" the brand. After all, he's a management superstar, just like the ones we already have. Very few employees I know buy into any of the new dictates and/or pleas from MEM. They simply no longer care and are tired of the abuse.
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    Just look at that those happy hands and that smirk of failure (patent pending)...he is going to fit right in!
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    Maybe UPS will buy FedEx, then we can be union too :D
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    Even though there's no reason to believe UPS would take employees of Express, it's still worth hoping for. Brown is in the same service business as this one but somehow they figured out how to keep the express and ground under one roof and, at the same time, still pay their employees a more than far wage and proved a wonderful insurance plan.
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    If UPS bought FedEx, there would be rightful accusations that the combined company would be a monopoly. That said, there are other companies in the US which are essentially monopolies, and nobody does a thing.
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    Look at Walmart. They are scrimping so much they cant get product to the floor. And when you cant find what your looking quit going to the store. In the end, all we have to service.
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    I know. It's damn near impossible to find cheap ammo these days.
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    hell, it's damn near impossible to find ammo these days, or otherwise. Guns are plentiful enough - just can't feed the darn things :biting:

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    You're competing with the government for it.
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    Government and the paranoid nut living in his bunker.
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    Reading Alex Jones.
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    Alex Jones would say that the current conditions at FedEx will be sorted out by the "free market".
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    Scary parallel..... Hundreds of corps work in the same manner.
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    How many have you worked at.

    And , being an outsider you really can't grasp the intimate comparisons we are talking about.