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    Hi, I've been working the Graveyard shift at UPS now for about a year and it's really starting to wear on me. It all started when I graduated high school, I planned to go to the University of Illinois at Chicago to study electrical engineering. At the same time I figured I'd work at UPS early mornings to make some extra cash now I live 20 miles from the UIC campus so I had to take the train everyday and that made things very difficult. I ended Passing my Calculus II class with a B but I couldn't receive the credit because I withdrew from the university from exhaustion and as a result I failed my other two classes, forward to today where I am still working the same shift but am now trying to make up those classes at a community college, I've found that this has not made anything easier and as such I can't afford to continue working but to make matters worse I was offered a p/t sup job doing clerical work in the center office but even though the pay is better the hours are far worse, as it stands now I can barely find the time to study or do homework just because I'm so very tired after work and school. So should I leave? I want to eventually transfer to study nuclear engineering and I can't do that If I don't pass my core engineering curriculum
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    From the way you talk you don't plan on UPS as a career so I think you should find another job with better hours as if you don't do good in college and that is the path you choose for your career you will be screwed. But also see if you can transfer to another shift like pre-load if you really want to stay at UPS. For your situation you don't sound like UPS for life so do what is best for your career down the road.
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    Leave or lighten your school load!
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    School comes first.

    Are there any closer centers, or maybe an opening on a twilight sort? I currently go to school during the day and work evenings. So far, so good, save losing the ability to take many evening classes.
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    Of course, everyone's situation is different and they have different aspirations. However, if my son asked this question I would say make sure you stay in school.

    I worked as a Part Time at UPS while I went to school. I worked hard, had no money but I'm glad I finished school.

    Do what you think is right, but I think an education is important.

    Best of luck,

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    Stay in school.