screwed up check air rate vs bid air rate

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  1. Forty6and2

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    Hi everyone

    Here's my problem. Last week my check was messed up. UPS didn't pay my my correct air rate for two of the days I drove from the previous week. Payroll is trying to say that there are two different pay rates for air. One is exception air (which in my case is 21.17/hour). And the other is bid air (which is 12.50/hour).

    They are trying to say that when I drive on Saturday, I am entitled to the 21.17/hour rate, but if I drive air during the week that I am actually working at the lesser 12.50/hour rate.

    This is something that the have never done to me before. Anytime I have drove air in the past, I have always received my air pay rate. (Whatever it happened to be at the time.) I have been driving air for over 2 years now and have finally topped out, so this is not something that is new to me.

    Is payroll right and there really are separate rates that they can pay me at when I drive air?
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    If you are an article 40 air driver it shouldn't matter when or what air you are delivering. If you aren't an article 40 driver and you deliver air after your preload shift then I can't really say. I'll ask someone tomorrow who's been doing exactly that for many years and see what he makes during the week versus Saturday.

    If you are getting paid top rate one day and starting pay the rest of the week, then it does sound a little fishy to me.
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    no biggie article 17 grevaince within the next 5 days you will get paid or make a lot waiting for it . I was short 5 hrs once got 70 hrs plus the 5. do it tommorow.
  4. Forty6and2

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    yeah i figured out the math on the pay rates and hours today. the hours paid are a little off but mostly correct. since they decided they were only going to pay me 12.50 for my air on two of those days, i was shorted 70 bucks and some change. i'm so tired of them always screwing up my paychecks. someone needs to give payroll a course on payroll.
  5. Lou Dog OG

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    I had many checks screwed up in my air driving days. But I was only at 12.50 so I wouldn't notice and exeption or other pay rate screw ups. My screw up were all air pay instead of ground pay or hours not even put in to my center's payroll. Always got fixed though, I just had to wait an extra week since I'm not one to file grievances (unless I'm being discharged :) )