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    Yes I am management. I am a supervisor. I have been with the company for more than 10 years. I was working in corporate classified job. I came to work one day with no notice and was told I now work for the district in a position I did not want. To top it off, I took a 23% cut in pay. I guess I should be lucky to have a job, but it just :censored2: me off. Of course, no managers I have spoken with gives a ****, they just tell me how many jobs they have had to do over the years that they did not choose. However, they never lost pay. Anyone else heard of anything similar in salary ranks?>
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    Everything changed when we went public. Hang in there and do the best job that you can. How you manage the transition will be watched and determine promotability down the road. Also, know that you are not alone as this has happened to many and if I read the indicators properly, there will be many more. Good luck and go with a positive attitude! The better you manage the change, the quicker you will recoup your losses and surpass them.

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    Thats what happens when you don't have union representation. They can toy with your position and decide where THEY want you. As for the 23% pay cut, this is supper echelon saying "you don't like it we'll get someone who will".

    Lower and middle management are being used as examples in a "team" effort to control costs. Thats my take anyway.
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    Just consider yourself VERY LUCKY.
    In my area they have a mandate to reduce Mgt ranks, all most get is a firm kick on the butt.


    I don't feel sorry for you at al'l as for the 23% cut it's mngmnts way of hoping you will quit no unemployment for you if you do
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    Not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me, I was just wondering if others have seen this. Thanks for the replies.
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    it would be great if you provided us with a little more information. first lets start off by your mgt position within the company. you stated a supervisor...are you a pt sup? ft sup? grade 12, 13, 14, im assuming 14, unless you were just promoted. who informed you of the job position relo? your mgr, the staff hr mgr? it seems kinda of suspect to me, i have not heard of such paycuts to mgt employees, unless you were demoted.

    im interested in hearing the whole story... please keep us posted.
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    "supper echelon"? Do they eat the people below them?
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    37% of people get a 23% reduction in pay at some point in their lives.
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    First, please explain the 23% cut?? It is EXTREMELY rare for salary to be cut. The first time I had supervisors report to me was 25 years ago. In all that time, I've never seen it. So please explain that one.

    Second, any management person should realize that their job assignment can change at any time, right?? I've had countless assignments in my career. Some I wanted, some I didn't. In fact, I was just told that my job is going to change in the near future.... This goes along with the territory, right??

    Kurt Kuehn has stated that he is looking to reduce corporate overhead. The only way that will happen is to reduce corporate staffing.

    One of the good things about being in management is the many different assignments one can have. Over the years, I've worked in IE, Operations (multiple ones), Corporate special assignments, Region, and Finance.

    While many people are not happy with job changes, they can be some of the best experiences. If you are good, you will have the ability to show a new team your skills and strengths.

    Best of luck,

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    I am seeing staff supervisors filling op's positions. This reduces the non operations cost and fills open operations assignments without having to hire new sup's. That's the official line anyway. I suspect that they have no new management candidates. I really wonder where the operations sup's are going to come from in the future. The hourly have a negotiated contract - Mgmt gets no raise this year. The stock has sunk and has yet to bounce back. Where's the incentive to go into Mgmt?
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    99% of polls are made up.
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    Just one question, Did your base pay get cut because you went into a job like BD, where you now are eligible for SIP? (Sales Bonus). If so, then it's really not a cut as you indicated, sinnce all the folks in BD have a lower base pay due to reduced\no raises for years, elimination of 1/2 month bonus etc and that money is put into SIP. Some folks do great. Others dont' get much if any of the SIP. But usually the first quarter or two you can opt to be on a guaranteed SIP bonus.
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    Well said. Nice way of allaying the OP's anger as well as giving them food for thought.

    And the othe 1/2 work at FedEx.:wink2:

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    90% sure in Canada a 'pay cut' without an hourly cut is illegal unless you agree to it. Of course with UPS most management would. Union For Life, baby! UFL!
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    And your just finding out they will do this? I wish the best for you. You look out for you, because we are all expendable.
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    Your the first I've heard to receive a pay cut.
    Looks like you started with UPS right around the time of the IPO in 1999. I personally knew 6 managers under the age of 50 that quit UPS 6 months after the IPO. And they took with them the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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