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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by masheezy006, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. masheezy006

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    Should I be a seasonal driver and if so what’s the starting pay And after seasonal would i advance to be in a full-time driver position?
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  4. They will beat the snot out of you for Christmas and get rid of you after the beginning of the year.
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  5. MECH-lift

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    Work for Amazon, we have gotten rid of fulltime positions at UPS , you’d have to work 70 years before you can retire
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  7. masheezy006

    masheezy006 New Member

  8. masheezy006

    masheezy006 New Member

    Ok so i been working there for 1 year now doing preload and im just try to move up to drivers pay while preloading like this other driver does.
  9. barnyard

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  10. It's a good way to get your foot in the door
  11. masheezy006

    masheezy006 New Member

    I look at it like a hustle im feeling left behind lol
  12. It's always a hustle here. It's a good way to find out if you want to drive for a living
  13. masheezy006

    masheezy006 New Member

  14. I hope you drive better than you quote..:raspberry-tounge:
  15. Chaos

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    There are a lot of other parcel companies that are easier to get into. Amazon, Fedex, DHL...heck even other smaller logistic companies. They all pay well enough as well.

    I used to work for Fedex. I knew after my time there I wanted to drive for a living so I transitioned and got a shot for a permanent with UPS.

    UPS = better pay, benefits, retirement = more bull:censored2:, more work, body destruction

    Seasonal? 100% that big brown will use and abuse you for the 5 weeks of peak and 10% they offer you a part time spot in the warehouse after. Every year for the last 5 years has been record breaking in volume.

    Let me just say you have to have the highest tolerance for bull:censored2: and be a little bit crazy to want to be a delivery driver for F and U.

    Take a look around this forum, seriously. You got your retirees and those close to retirement that have their sentiments. You have have the vast majority that are currently working for And are inherently broken already. Then you got new people like me that are optimistic and excited. Except I’m not optimistic or excited. I’m a realist, I did this :censored2: for years already I just want better pay and retirement since I’m already coming in half broken. Good Luck!!
  16. Wally

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    Yes, be a driver. Starting pay is $67/hour after 10 days! After Xmas, you will be hired at $85/hour.
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    One million dollars

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    Might as well make that your signature for the next few months.
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    In depth analysis! Lets send it back to @Turdferguson in the studio for more!