Seasonal Driving, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by jjjdvd, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. jjjdvd

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    The center near me in NJ is hiring seasonal drivers on package cars, which end on 12/24. Should I even bother? A couple of UPS drivers who made pickups at my former employer(they knew someone and got f/t positions without unloading) and members here say Peak is very hard work. With 14 years driving exp(non-CDL) I would probably be hired, but I hate the idea of no benefits and being a temp. Doesn't give much incentive to work hard. It's an urban area, they are always hiring p/t help unloading, which for me isn't an option. Too old (37), poverty wages, etc. I always see different drivers too, so I guess most of them are p/t. Just wanted your thoughts on this. thanks....
  2. richard

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    I don't think this job is for you. JMHO.
  3. over9five

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    "Doesn't give much incentive to work hard"

    Forget it, stay home.
  4. yonnko

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    I was a seasonal driver for 2000 peak. Dec. 24th they told me to hang on to my uniforms that I was being looked at to be hired full time. By the third week in January I was hired.
  5. local804

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    Your an exception to the rule I guess. Usually after Christmas, people are added to the extra list and the layoff list.There are no splits running here and not enough work for all the people.Maybe you were in the right place at the right time.[​IMG]
  6. feeder

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    I resent people like you, Yonko, for coming in the easy way to obtain a full time position at ups. I started part time loading trailer for 4 1/2 years before I had an opportunity to drive pkg-car, I mean driving while covering for 5yrs. I've seen 4 to 5 people drive seasonal and came in over me on senority into full time driving positons. We have the rule 6 for 1 rule meaning 6 hired inside, to 1 outside hire, I wished it was 6 for 0!! People like you who never expirence loading trailers or unloading trailers or working inside the bldg for a time and sporting a new fresh pair of browns, those people i dont have any respect for!!
  7. traveler

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    I don't understand the logic you are using when you state "those people I don't have any respect for". Yonko didn't sneak in the back door, he was simply fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to be offered a full time position. Also, I truly believe he must have done excellent delivery work, had a good attitude and looked to be an overall excellent addition to UPS to be offered a position. I don't fault your opinion of the system, that is up for debate but I do strongly disagree with your analysis of an individual.
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    Delivery drivers are the closest thing to jesus christ we have at peak. They walk on water to get those packages delivered. they are driven by personal pride and dedication to getting the job done. Your looking at an opportunity although it may be limited. If you don't have that drive to be one of the best then you don't want to take the seasonal job.
  9. local804

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    I agree that UPS must promote from within to keep the morality of the job at its peak.I am talking about drivers and the management before you suits on this board get all pissy.I know the suits dont always like the promotion process at UPS just like the drivers.I would rather see a management team driving our workforce that really knows how to do the job, then my ex mgr(drove a package car for 2 weeks)and is now a division mgr.promote from within........
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    jjjdvd the straight answer is that you will not be hired after Christmas is over. You would have to talk with the shop stewart to find out what are your real chances of making it in. Hard working during the peak season in your situation could open up doors further down the line. As you can get a feel for by some of the comments previous to mine,if you come to peak season,come to work. Everyone here will be giving their heart and souls to get those packages delivered and someone not giving a 110% will not be very well recieved.Someone will put you in a box with a double lable and you will spend the rest of your life in missort purgatory... (UPS humor sorry)
  11. over9five

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    "I started part time loading trailer for 4 1/2 years..."

    Some of us never had the LUXURY of being able to support our families working part time. Must have been nice, living with Mom and Dad.
    I resent feeder drivers, who never touch a package and would stab their mother in the back to get a five minute earlier start time.
  12. kidlogic

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    Over9fiveI dont know a single person in my center who works part time and lives at home. They all have a full time job somewhere else. To say that part times just stay home and live with mom and dad waiting for a full time job is not the way it is at all. I found it far harder to juggle 2 jobs some times going a month without a day off all the while waiting for my chance at a full time job. I do agree with Travler that Feeder should hate the system not the individual.
  13. jjjdvd

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    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Seeing the mobs of people getting off the bus at UPS every morning, I guess the chance of getting a f/t position after Xmas is very small, no shortage of workers here. Another center in Saddle Brook was hiring p/t package drivers for $11/hr, 6 am-11am or Noon - 5pm. That doesn't fit too well with a f/t job either, unless it's nights. Sorry for the "work hard" comment, if I got it I would give 110%. My last job had some rigging, so I'm not afraid of working. Just a little frustrated with the job market and was wondering if seasonal would lead to something f/t. Thanks again, this is a great board.
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    I was hired as a "temporary" peak driver along with 10 other drivers. Turns out a full time driver was leaving to become a priest and they needed someone who knew the streets in his area (I grew up in that part of town) to cover his route till after xmas. A trial by fire for me to be sure, but I had a couple years delivery experience coming into the job and young legs. Turns out no one wanted to take over the route (too much work methinks) and I've been full time ever since (9 years). You never know what will happen till you give it a shot, and you may even enjoy the hard work...
  15. feeder

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    Let me break it down for you over9five: I did 4 1/2 years in the load,sort,unload,small sort,preload,carwash and driving the damn irreg trolley. Also, 5yrs cover-driving in pkg, turning fulltime and drove pkg-car 7 more years, 2 1/2 yrs in feeders, 18 yrs total, so shut the HELL UP!!!!
  16. feeder

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    Also, I forgot to mention that I worked a fulltime job for 4yrs when I was parttime at ups and also left home to move in with girl friend 2 months after I started my ups career.
  17. yonnko

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    I did work the pre load and local sort about 15 years ago in PA while working a full time job. I ended up getting this full time driving job by dumb luck and determination. I was figuring on driving just for peak just for something different to do and that would have been the end of it. I was not even aware of the 6 to 1 rule until some of the other drivers started telling me that their was a possibility of me being hired full time.
    I guess it goes to show you never know what can happen.
  18. 15yearbrn

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    Stay home. Better yet go out and get another job. Seasonal drivers are abused. Being on-call for two months, maybe working a week. All the fulltime jobs here go to inside worker or parttime supervisors.[​IMG]
  19. toonertoo

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    Go for it, They keep the best. If you dont have anything better going on it is worth the time. If you have something better take it because there are no guarantees even if you are good. But it is an experience either way.
  20. lifer

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    I guess what you need to consider is---

    Do you want to work at UPS?

    If you think that you would like to work at UPS and it would be good for you and your family, then take advantage of this opportunity to get your foot in the door. Work hard to make a good impression and you will not be forgoten.

    If not, then I bet there will be other things for you out there.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.