Seasonal Employee Help...Calm me down?

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    I would really appreciate some feedback and help cause I am feeling concerned and went from happy to bumming bad.

    Monday at 6AM about 10 of us had a tour and then got appointments for interviews after someone asked us "are you in school, what are your hours, have you had a job before, can you do the requirements".
    Anyway I felt i could get this Seasonal job easily but one kid there around my age is chatting up everyone that works there and is like my biggest threat. Anyway Today Wednesday is my appointment at 6:10AM, theres a kid before me and mister chatty Kathy is after me.

    My interview was good at first, but he asked to talk about myself and all I said was I was a college student at a CC literally down the road and was gonna transfer to a 4 year university after my lower division to become a doctor then i froze and said "what would you like to know" and he was like there's no UPS in that city where you wanna transfer and I told him "no I would commute to school and stay living here and working here, I live right near by" and he was like oh okay. Asked if I had a labor job before, told him I worked on a paintball field as a ref and had to lift those huge CO2 tanks and run and hike all day from dawn till dusk and he was like "yeah calling people out lol" Asked if I could be on time and early and always reliable told him yes, I showed up very early to both my appointments this week and it was no problem I am a morning person. I have work boots and will wear them at all times I told him. Do I have reliable transportation? yes.

    I put on my application online (they had 4 different shifts) I was available the morning 3AM shift which is what they are hiring for anyway, and the evening shift and he asked me about it and I told him no that was a mistake I will still have classes at those times and then he said oh okay, since you cant make that evening shift we do have the driver helper positions. He asked would I be interested in that and I told him
    "yes I would if the package handler position is unavalibale" but really I didnt because I heard its really hard, you have to have the uniform, and your gonna get fired no matter what atleast with package handler he looks to see who he keeps after seasonal. But i want some work experience and told him that and I saw him write down "Driver helper if everythings unavailable" I just hope I dont get picked for this position ugh. Then asked if i had questions for him and I asked "what are you looking for from your employees that would make them get this position/job, in me" and he went on to explain for a while all the diff types of people working here and he doesnt want robots, people that work well with other people, giving 120%, taking initiative, early and on time workers. He asked if I had anything else and I said no, shook his hand said have a nice day then chatty Kathy was up for his interview.

    The whole interview lasted, I am gonna be generous here and say 15 minutes but it was probably less. He didnt mention he would call me back or let me know anything, and I stupidly didnt ask for his phone number. This guy didnt look like HR, the people who gave me the appointment looked like HR this dude looked like a supervisor who did the hiring and firing. Oh also the day before the girl who gave my appointment reminded me of my interview and asked for my BDAY and social to run a background check on me over the phone so i gave her that.
    Also some people at the 8 person tour actually wanted to be a driver helper more then a package handler so maybe they will get it

    Anyone wanna tell me what my chances are here of getting employeed for seasonal? heh I am really bumming right now because I thought of better stuff to say when he asked to talk about me I could have said "I am a hard worker, not afraid to get dirty and get the job done" ugh I am really bumming, can someone shed some light on my chances here. Should I expect a call?
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    First of all welcome to the BC, second, don't stress! You have as good a chance as any others.
    It's hard for anyone else to guess your chances but just be patient and don't stress on what you could have said.

    The interviews never last more than the 15 minutes or so that you had. You were up front and honest and that's the best you can do.

    Since you are applying for seasonal help, there's a chance you would not be working after peak anyway.

    Had you asked for a number chances are he would not have given it to you, some hubs don't give out any numbers until after you are hired.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
  3. DrChiz

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    Thanks that actually did chill me down a bit, nice to see your from the same state as me too lol cool.

    Alright thanks for the insight.

    I know I might not be working after peak but he talked about people staying after peak a lot and I know I can work my ass off, be extra early and do it so I can get rehired but another question I have is.

    Being a package handler there is a possibility of working after peak for being permanent but If they give me that job of Driver Helper then what happens? Can I still get hired after peak as something else since basically those jobs are gone after peak, is there anyway to be super amazing as a driver helper so you get rehired after peak?
  4. fethrs

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    It's hard tell you if you'll be there after peak but if you show up on time and work it will help. Most positions for new hires for sunrise sort are usually unload or preload. Unolad is unloading the trailers and preload is loading the package cars.

    To be a super helper as a driver helper would depend on the area the driver has to deiliver to, and the driver you are working with, but same thing, work hard and be on time and it will be a plus for you.
  5. brownedout

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    The position they're really looking to fill is Driver's Helper. That's why it may have seemed like he was pushing it. Around here (NJ Dist) this position is becoming increasingly difficult to fill, and keep filled. The runners (UPS jargon) don't appreciate busting their humps for $8.50 per hr. The ones that can look around that rate are either working arbitrarily, too few, or too many hours. Then you have to account for that "jolly" person they're spending 2,3 up to 11 hours a day with, their driver. We aren't a happy bunch the further into December it gets. So that is why they will be looking to hire Driver's Helpers over the inside positions
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    The position is unload, they showed how it works. So I know for a fact they need driver helpers and people to unload and theres only about 10 applicants. So maybe the odds are good? I just am trying to get my foot in the door and work my ass off and be super early to be permanent.
  7. DrChiz

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    Okay so basically I wanna know, since I might get the helper position. How will the supervisors know if I am doing over the top good work in that field like being early and what not? I wanna know how to be a top performer of this job to get rehired and maybe do package handling inside. Should I have said no when he asked me? He did write on the paper only if inside positions werent available, and I know other people actually wanted the helper position over the inside jobs.
  8. fethrs

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    You have the right attitude but be prepared for some bs too, and also for those that will tell you it's not worth is, UPS sucks, the pay sucks, things like that. It's a hard job, but if you are serious about it. it will work out.
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    You know. I really don't want to burst anyone's bubble here. Squash anyone's dreams (so to say). But I have NEVER, in almost 25 years seen a drivers helper become a seniority employee. The helper that eventually settled in with me last year I felt really had a chance. Did all the right things. Spoke to all the right people. A few jobs did become available, but nothing. This would be a way for the company to get a "better" worker into that position. Actually moving some of them into permanent positions. Just a thought.
  10. fethrs

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    That's true and a good point, nothing may even come of this job as a seasonal, there is always that possibility too.
  11. kmjs14

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    Your 1st priority is to secure a position (in the hub preferably as these have a much better chance of becoming perm). My advice to you is to go to hub, get that HR reps or anothers phone number and continuously follow-up (every few days). Make sure they know you are eager and want this job more than anyone else. Trust me it works.
    There are many many folks looking to fill these positions...make yourself stand out.Good luck!
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have been able to get two of my helpers hired on permanently.
  13. bumped

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    I may be wrong or it just might be in my area but.... I believe if your hired off the street before Thaksgiving that you would have to pay union dues and a union initiation fee. If hired after Thanksgiving the dues/fees would be taken out of your check.
  14. stoni24

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    Just so you know.... your definition of "don't mind hard work or getting dirty" will be different than ups's definition..
    Unload... You will be expected to unload 23 boxes every minute or about 1 every 3 seconds, regardless of size and weight.
    I'm sure ur a good worker like all the new hires at my center claim to be. But most of em don't last over a few days here.
    Getting hired is easy, making yourself show up is hard.
  15. tracker2762

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    I also had a helper a few years back and now he's a driver in my center, so it does happen
  16. scratch

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    The same here, two of my Helpers have been hired into the Preload. It took a few months after Christmas was over, but I gave them a good reference and HR called them back. The woman I used the last two Peaks has worked the Preload the last 14 months and she got promoted into a Dispatch Supervisor position a month ago. She is also helping one of our full time supervisors train Helpers right now. I also have a brother who just had his second interview as a Helper today. I showed him what "walking at a brisk pace" means today, he had a funny look on his face.
  17. brownedout

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    Upstate, tracker, scratch, great to hear of the successes you all have had in getting your helpers hired. One of the reasons I posted that was I was curious to see if this does indeed happen, without starting a new thread. Unfortunately however it does not happen everywhere. I guess what few spots open in my center any given year are already earmarked for someone else.
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    Alright everybody its Monday 6:40AM, my interview was last Wednesday, I realize they dont work on Weekends so its been technically around 3 business days. Yes its way to early and they wont call now anyway. But Im just making this cause I have heard nothing. What should I do you guys and When should I do it?
    My thing on UPS still says my application is Active
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    WTF is That???? Feeder Driver??