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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SammyShore69, Nov 20, 2018.

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    How about you go get a job somewhere else instead of complaining on here.
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  2. BrownRecycler

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    Union dues and fee are an payment owe for an insurance.

    You agree to work seasonal. Seasonal means til season is over. You aren't a union member until after 30 days or however your local supplement jurisdiction specified your eligibility.

    Find a job that isn't seasonal or work to become perm at UPS? Any dues and fee are still consider insurance premium owe for your protection.

    Maybe, got to ask yourself, whether you :censored2: up when you agree to be seasonal as in temporarily? After all, you were one checkbox away from clicking on Perm position. Did you not see it? It was right there at the career application.

    By clicking the Seasonal, you sold your heart to the devil or Santa? Whichever Christian friendly.

    You learn a very hard Christmas lesson. Don't work for Santa. Work for yourself.
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  3. JuanPabloinBrown

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    The union won't do a thing for you as a seasonal helper; it's a joke, they don't even give you a pack of lube! Don't anyone bully you into mindlessly accepting this robbery, especially if you live in a right to work state! There are plenty of resources you can leverage to get your dues back!
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  5. alwaysRTS

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    Typically I don't take this route, but just QUIT!!! Don't come on here squawking that you were forced into being a helper. Take your infinite amount of work skills and knowledge to a different company. ✌
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    Depends on how hard she kicks as to how far he goes.
  7. BrownMonk

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    I'm guessing you are paying a service fee and not joining the Union. Totally different.
  8. Juan Esteban

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    I keep reading about the advantages associated with being part of a union, that is debatable, but make no mistake the union is of absolutely no benefit to season driver helpers. In reality, the actions & decisions of the union actually work against the drivers helper. The new hourly compensation for helpers that will go into effect in 2019, $13/hr, is still close to a dollar less than Fed-Ex. In many areas, especially those with heavy snow, helpers would be beneficial until the end of January...but thanks to the union their hours are restricted & their season shortened.
    Something will have to give soon. The pickings are already very slim and i don't foresee people jumping and paying for the opportunity to be randomly called and asked to bust their butt 2-3 days a week (maybe 20-25hrs) for $13/hr when they could work as many hours as they can handle, making $19.50 (w/benefits), at an Amazon distribution center. In my area Macy's was starting people at $18.75 for the first 40hrs then time and a half ($28.75) + $5.00 for every additional hour.
    Things better chamge. Losing seasonal help would cripple UPS
  9. I worked seasonally this year and wish I could have joined the union. I was fortunate enough to be rehired after season, but if not you can go to the local and get help finding another union job.
  10. BrownMonk

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    The rate should have been $14 hour and not $13. The helper rate mirrors the starting p/t rate as of Aug 1. 2019