Seasonal/Single day vacation coverage driver to fulltime

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    I'm a part timer in central states that spend all summer til last Friday driving as a seasonal/single day vacation coverage driver. I won a bid for full-time utility route and now I'm wondering if I go through 30 day probation. I ask because central states contract states:
    Article 3 Section 19 E
    Part-time coverage employees who complete a thirty (30) day
    qualifying period for a coverage position will not have to complete
    another probationary period if they are a successful bidder for a reg-
    ular full-time package car position.

    I'd ask a steward but the only ones I know are hub part timers and they never seem to have much knowledge on parts that relate to driving. And the fulltime stewards who drive, well I'm not in in the morning to talk with them. I'll get around to calling the hall but don't have much faith there either since we have different unions for full time and part timers, figured I'd see if anyone here had any insight.
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    Yes because there is no qualifying period for seasonal work. Its not a permanent position.