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    I've been seasonal since peak 2007. This summer I was hired on as a seasonal/vacation relief package driver. I was under the impression that seasonal workers did not get health benefits, but I've recieved paperwork indicating that me and family have health, dental, vision and presicription drug coverage.

    My wife says that they must have made a mistake.
    I've looke elsewhere and cannot find any place indicating how and when seasonal workers qualify for bennys.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
  2. 705red

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    As a seasonal you are correct. But you said you have been hired on package car now, this means you have completed your proby time and are a FT driver. Congrats! Fill out your paperwork and go see the Dr.
  3. egrhoodlum

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    I have been told that my last day will be the Friday before Labor Day and that I may or may not be called back in November. So I am still seasonal.
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    You need to call and talk to your HR person most likely the person that has hired you the last 4 years. They can answer all your questions correctly. They are the ones that authorized the health care information to be sent to you. They know more about your employment status than your SUP's.

    I thought I heard that if your hired for a temp driving position for more then three years in a row your considered a full time driver. But don't quote me on that.