Seattle, Seattle, where are you???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by squirlygirly, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. squirlygirly

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    Hopefully, sometime soon, to be looking to transfer to the Seattle area. Not sure when, just would be a good idea to have an idea where their operation/building/hub/production is located. ~:->>>

    In the need of specific address, so if you don't feel comfortable answering on the forum, please let me know, I'll provide you my e-mail

    THANX IN ADVANCE!!! ~:->>>

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Hope you like rain.
  3. moreluck

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    That's why Seattle folks are such coffee freaks......they're always ducking into the coffee shops to avoid the rain drops. :wink2:
  4. brownrodster

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    The seattle area is huge. All the cities in the area meld into each other to create one huge metro area. There are a lot of UPS buildings in the greater Seattle area and it's suburbs. We would need a more specific location such as a school to tell you what building you would be closest to. If you are moving to Seattle itself, or downtown somewhere then the Seattle hub, BFI (boeing Field), and Tukwila would all be the closest I think. The largest hub, Redmond, is on the other side of the lake but still close.
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    Don't mind me if I'm asking? Where you moving from to Seattle? I hope you like Seattle? However, going to be mix of rain, snow and even usual is windy and bitter sweet cold and foggy!!! Hope you can take it all that? As for me, I'm still going through it a lot. However, I got a roof on top of my head to keep be dry enough to keep working! :)
  6. cachsux

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    Plus if you move out there you`ll have to live near that douche Wescaddie. From what it sounds like Seattle is about to wash into the ocean. Think ahead and transfer to Idaho and start buying up the soon to be beachfront real estate.
  7. brownrodster

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    That would be very difficult considering Seattle is probably a hundred miles or more from the ocean...