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    Hey folks,

    I was a driver helper for about 10 days or so during the 2005 peak season. I was assigned to a driver on a rural route. Since I didn't know street names that well, I'd run the packages to the door while he'd work on sorting the ones for the rest of the route. We'd often have over 200 pieces, plus it snowed a lot during those 10 cold days, but I wasn't afraid to work hard. Actually, I enjoyed the exercise. Also, since I'm good with computers, I learned how to use the DIAD pretty quickly.

    It sucks I wasn't assigned to him earlier because we eventually worked out a good rhythm and he told me a few times how helpful I was to have. Things have changed a lot since then, though. I'm now married, we're expecting a our first child in April, and I'm expecting to earn my BS in May. I was looking for a temporary job for in between semesters, so I just accepted to be a driver helper again this season.

    My questions are these:

    1. What has changed since 2005? I heard the new DIAD IV's a pretty well circulated now. Do they work better?
    2. Are most of the minor rules still tossed out during peak?
    3. What would you recommend I do, if anything, if I'm looking to eventually get hired for PT in package operations?
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    Upstate... I hope you don't mean that I have to "take care of the family" simply because I'm the husband. That's just sexist. Anyway, my wife has her Master's degree and, therefore, has the well-paying FT job with health insurance and all that. Right now, I'm just looking for a PT job that still allows me to go to grad school online in the Fall and also be our baby's caregiver during the day. A PT position with UPS lets me do that.

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    I think that with the economy the way it is right now UPS won't be doing much hiring after peak but work hard and you might just have a chance. Good Luck.
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    Now if you had mentioned any of that earlier my advice most surely would have mirrored what you have in mind. It sounds as though you have your stuff together.
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    Sorry about that! Thanks.