Section 6. building heat - question

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    Is this heat rule only for office clerical workers, or everyone (preloaders, sorters) inside?
  2. You should have noticed and highlighted the words "where practical".

    It gives no set room temperature to maintain.

    What is "practical" when overhead doors constantly open?
  3. UnconTROLLed

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    OSHA is who you want to contact, the contract and grievance procedure is a waste of time.
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    Dress appropriately
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    The issue with language like that is who determines what is practical?

    One person may say cold while another says it's fine.
  6. Redtag

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    It's a uphil but not impossible battle trying to get heat installed. A few years back we finally got them to install heaters over the automotive shop, but we had to convince them that we are not moving constantly like sorters and we spend a lot of time under the trucks on the floor where it is the coldest.
  7. PT Crazy

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    OSHA decided that our hub needed to be warmer. It is now at like 62 or higher.
  8. UnconTROLLed

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    That's nice. During the cold snap last month, the temp in our hub was around 35. I could easily see my breathe. and that was the middle of the bldg nowhere near inbound/outbound doors.
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    First you're too hot- now you are too cold. What are you --a bunch of women?
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    The cooler it is the higher the production. Lol.
  11. Poop Head

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    Work faster/harder
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    Sounds like Mrs.Poop Head
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    The Grievance procedure is a complete waste of me.
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    i had my shop steward, safety committee representative and the plant engineering supervisor all in close proximity to my work station all at the same time. kinda like the perfect storm. it was a particularly cold and windy day and when that rapid door opened, we all got blasted with a dose of what I've been dealing with for 5 years. short conversation and a couple handshakes later and lo and behold four weeks later i got my very own french fry lamp.
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  15. "Breathe"?

    Hot air is easily seen...

    and noted by your stewards?

    You hate life?
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  16. UnconTROLLed

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    You sure owned my android auto-correct!
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