Senior driver wants to bump me off my bid route

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by mdk2176, Mar 5, 2020.

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    @542thruNthru already posted the language.

    If it's a two-way split, you can follow the portion that is in excess of50% of the delivery stops, without taking seniority into account. The language does not say if seniority allows, for a two-way split.

    Now, if it is a three-way split or more, seniority does come into play.
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    I went back and reviewed past grievances that pertained to this article. Our local recognizes seniority in all cases of bumping work assignments. These were non precedent setting decisions and are subject to further discussion if business needs change. This driver should see if his/her local recognizes a different seniority practice than stated in the contract.
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    That’s the thing. The dispatcher can control which route is cut, it’s no longer “your work”. Dispatcher could’ve kept the senior guys route on by moving all the work to him.
    I’ve been on the same route for 25 years, I like it because it is never cut, even on typical slow days, day after Xmas etc. A few routes have spawned off of my route recently because it always comes up heavy. Some days I’d like some of those stops back because my route has less than 8 hours, I ask dispatcher can I have some of my bid work back, he says it’s not “your work”. Very frustrating.
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    Are you sure about that. Is there a grievance decision based on a 2 way split? The Central is clear on the language, although locals can still agree on their own practice.

    I have never seen a route cut and split among only 2 other routes. That is a 2 way split.

    Every route cut I have seen has at least of few stops going to a 3rd and 4th route.
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    Did you ask said dispatcher if dispatch is "his work" or can anyone walk in and do it?
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    MG,MPLS, or EAG?
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    Ever since Saturday delivery, we have numerous baselines (routes with 90% or better of residential deliveries) that are broken on Mondays and their 20 or stops are split between two neighboring routes.
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    Good point, I will.
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    I was thinking the same thing. What route is only split 2 ways?
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    or one of the many outstate buildings. I am in 638 and have followed my work and another driver followed his work. The only time I can follow mine is when the regular guys are off, I am the low seniority guy in my loop.
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    I'm pretty sure an untrained monkey does ours.
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    My agent says a case was just heard at the national and it defines part of this argument. It is the number of stops and not the area that defines your ability to bump according to him.
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    If there are less senior drivers than you working then this is BS. He should be replacing the lowest seniority driver
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    You can not get bumped! If you do .. talk to your steward and file file file!