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  1. This is to all Mgmt. out there that give no recoginition to seniority dont abide by it etc.:

    Two yrs ago my PD got a new p/t sup from unload that had never ran a load been in the load trained new hires in the load, or been trained in the load himself.

    ST=start time DT=downtime
    Heres the roster:
    1. HVD 11 yrs
    $19.97 starts 10 min before ST leaves at DT
    Avg. 22 hrs a wk

    2. HVD 2 yrs
    $11.00 same as above
    Avg. 22 hrs a wk

    3. LVD 7yrs - me
    $14.57 setup 45 min before ST and wrapup
    Avg. 28-32 hrs a wk

    4. Wallsweep 1 yr
    $10.50 paid at ST and wrapup
    Avg. 24 hrs a wk

    5. Wallsweep Helper 1 yr
    $9.50 paid at ST cut at DT
    Avg. 22 hrs a wk

    6. - 12. A total of 7 loaders with 9 months or less-
    Pay ranging $8.50 to $9.00 an hr 10 min after ST leave at DT

    -Keep in mind top 3 belt(stats and volume) in the hub.
    -p/t sup was urgued to keep loaders and cut me and other skilled jobs at DT everyday.

    This is was the plan he put into place:
    1. 11 yrs - load highest volume truck ST 15 min after ST 1st cut at DT
    Avg. 20 hrs a wk

    2. 2 yrs - no change

    3. 7 yrs - load highest volume truck kept setup cut at DT
    Avg. 23-26 hrs a wk

    4. 1 yr - load truck
    Avg. 21 hrs a wk

    5. 1 yr HVD
    Avg. 22 hrs a wk

    6. - 9. no change

    10. 4 months - Wall sweep
    Avg. 24 hrs a wk

    11. 2 months - LVD and wrapup
    Avg. 24-26 hrs a wk

    12. moved to another area work now done by p/t sup

    - This went on for 2 wks.

    - P/T sup's plan/reasoning as follows:
    - Original sorters moved to truck for better frequency.
    - Work the hell out of most senior employees so they will be to
    exhuasted to wrapup.
    - Cut one loader and p/t sup will just handle workload.

    -Union steps in:
    -All are returned to original positions.
    -Grievances paid out for juniors getting more time than seniors.
    -Grievances paid for super working.

    -End result moved to back to training dept. for epic screw up (sent trailers to wrong city and inexperienced sorters sent belt to a stagering 1/400 average.

    Mgmt. members of bc seniority is real just in case you thought it was just made up!
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    Sorry. I am not mgmnt and I read (skimmed) your post. It was on the reread (didn't catch it all the first time :happy2:) that I saw the first line. I humbly apologize. I will be more careful in the future. Did I violate any contract provisions?
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    Shouldn't this (and most of Shadys other postings) be on the labor relations forum? Kinda clogging things up here, IMO.
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    Should have his own forum where he can control who replies to his discussions (sic) IMHO.
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    You have a point. I just moved about ten Threads started by various members to the Labor Forum. The UPS Discussion Forum is the most active, a lot of threads in there really belong in the Labor, Life After Brown, or Current Events forums.