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  1. My full time sup decided to start using wall sweeps(i.e. someone who walks down the line pulling irregs and taping) on the unload and he said that the person who did it had to be their everyday and could not leave early and would have to be wall sweep everyday and there is one from each area, now what im wondering is can they do that just make a new position without posting it as a bid and then tell them they lose the seniority rights to go home?

    And one day the guy who did wall sweep was gone sick and i volunteered to be his replacement but later i seen a lower seniority guy doing the job and i asked why i wasnt doing it and they said cause my full timer said specifically witch person he wanted to do it.
    my stewed who im not sure is right said they can but i dont trust that guy anymore he seems way to buddy buddy with the sups.
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    I deal with this daily.

    A kid, who has 7 months in, walks around and does whatever the P/T sup asks. He's buddy-buddy with this sups, so he does the bulk/irreg, taping and cleaning slide. Meanwhile, I am a 7 year f/t in the roughest single person load.

    Unfortunately, the new contract the TEAMSTERS VOTED YES TO, has no language regarding "preferred jobs". The previous contracts did.

    Basically, suck it up. The yes voters screwed you! :)
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    It also took out the language that said UPS must provide health insurance to part timers, so look for that little cost saving cut to come in the future.
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    As I read it, UPS still has to provide health insurance to part timers, just not the same as the full timers, and it does not kick in for new employees until 12 months, 18 for dependent coverage. So actually, the cost savings have already kicked in. If it makes you feel any better, it looks like the UPS health plan part timers are being moved to is similar to the lesser cost plan management and technical employees were moved to several years ago. Also, it is likely that in the next contract negotiations in 5 years the company will target the drivers plan as well if health care costs continue to balloon the way they have been. It will be difficult if not impossible to compete without addressing those costs.
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    Oh, that's interesting....thank you for that...

    interestingly, then the supervisor is wrong, because clearly a "wall sweep" is a preffered job. It's a no brainer - pulling bulk and retapes or unloading.

    Normally, the people who stay late are given this "extra" time through seniority. If that's the case, and this person gets the most time whos doing the sweeping, the job should be seperated from the unload position and given to the person with the most seniority. A good steward would fight this and win this.

    Just IMO
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    I would tend to agree with you.

    I have a tough time seeing "wall sweep" as a seperate job however. In my mind it is just another part of the overall unload position, I am unsure what this sup is trying to accomplish by making it a seperate duty. I do agree it is something that would seem to be able to be defined as a local practice, so likely yes, a strong steward would either get it bid to the most senior employee or get the sup to back off of making it a seperate position.
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    There isn't seniority at my building. Sups put people in posistions so they make their numbers.
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    Correct, until it's done in a way that is done improperly and unjustly, someone documents it and stands up for themselves. There are battles worth fighting.

    The original post is dependant upon whether he/she is full time or part time and if it's bid or not. The langauge I read in the contract only addresses part-timers with preferred jobs. But, technically 22.3 jobs are two part-time jobs as well, so technically the language should apply to both (but I doubt it does in most locals)

    The most important thing is even if there are preferred jobs, signing your name on the list doesn't garauntee a particular job, but just that you are on the list to be moved. The F/T has the authority to put whoever they want wherever.

    therefore, there isn't much of a case here *** except if the wall sweep or etc is P/T and you are with more seniority P/T being sent home - or F/T being sent home at 8 while the sweep goes over 5***
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    Re: Seek for seek-page on your site!!!

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    While on the topic of seniority I have a question about it. What if two employees have the same seniority date. The reason I ask is because both of us were hired in the summer as seasonal, and we both got hired in permanently the same day. I am higher on the preload list because I was hired seasonally before he was. Does this mean when it comes down to going for a job, that I will have more seniority than him?
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    that's because they wanna turn this company into Fed ex. And then it would be called FED UP. The standard uniform by then will be purple shirt with brown shorts.
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    in that case you guys can flip a coin for it infront of your BA or a shoppy.
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    Without checking the contract, or language therein, you are PROBABLY higher because of first seasonal. If my memory serves me correct, seasonal does not carry any rights with it but if you were hired first on seasonal, the company is PROBABLY going on this premise. They don't HAVE to but in same-day issues, something has to be the basis.

    In off-the-street hires, sometimes it's the time you walk in the door, sometimes it's who signs first on the dotted line, etc.

    Anyway, looks like you got it if you're listed first. Be prepared for a grievance, though, if other person wants same job you want. It happens.
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    File on it I told them a few weeks back I was gonna they started doing things right. Then one day they decided to be sneaky with extra work that should have gone to me, but thats ok cause I filed. Sometimes it seems like a never ending battle but I figure once they start paying on some of my grievances maybe it will change there attitudes.
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    thats good news. Thanks
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    what in the world do you mean there is no seniority? that is ALL you have at ups!!
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    Does transfering to another hub lose your current seniority?
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    You lose your start date seniority generally. Ask someone in HR, though. If you're switching Locals, then you defenitly start over.

    You should be able to keep your vacation time and benefits, though.