Setting someone up to fail

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    There is a new hire who is about 60 years old on the pick next to mine (preload). The dude is obviously old and not as quick as 20 something's that are on my line. During his first day the pt sup was on this dudes ass to go faster like you wouldn't believe. When it was last cage he was obviously screwed, and made a mess on the line with all the packages. Apparently he had 5 misloads.

    Next day he is on the slide and I spent about 10 minutes there today while my cages were light. Same sup is telling this dude to speed up and berating him in front of the half dozen of us on the slide a few times during the 10 minutes I was there.

    So my question is: do they set up people to fail? My first thought was "they really don't have an easier job for this guy to do?" why would they throw a 60 year old guy on a pick when there is 100 other jobs he can be doing? Has anyone ever seen something like this? It really rubbed me the wrong way

    The sup in question is easily the most easy going and decent person I've met there, which is why it was more confusing.
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    Wow, your building must really be desperate for help. I remember back in the 90's UPS had a van to go around and pick up people for the Midnight sort.
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    Yup....break him and make him quit in a week, or he wants/needs the job bad enough that he'll take it and come back for more. It's the ups management way.
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  5. Matty_lawn

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    Oh I get it now. Yes we are. I get an option to come in an hour early every day but 415 is early enough
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    Yea they do it to a lot of people.
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    My hub is paradise compared to everyone else's, how it sounds.
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    All I can say is welcome to ups
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    What's the guy look like?
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    Does he wear old spice?
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    Good way to get someone injured.
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    Old part timers are disposable.
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    This is a litigious society and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Yes there are easier jobs but show some favoritism and there will be lawsuits. Set the guy up to fail and this happens:
    • he quits
    • he performs better
    • he fails and is terminated
    It's a win / win for the company even though it is still a form of bullying in the workplace that is harder to prove.
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    sometimes I wonder how much money they spend to hire, background check to only lose them within weeks of hire.
  17. scooby0048

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    Still a hell of a lot cheaper than the benefits package or a lawsuit.
  18. Indecisi0n

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    Not in the long term.
  19. Billy Ray

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    That's an old sumbeech.
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    I'm certain this is one of those subjects that could be debated till the cows come home. There are too many variables and I have a feeling we both might be right to a degree.