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    I imagine moral can't very much different from my STA than any other but I will say we, for the most part, have good managers. However, this will be the worst SFA in the history of my being at this STA. So many have told me that they don't care. Lower management is a direct refection of upper so, in theory, one in the same. In the past, employees had always differentiated between the two but no longer. Little bit sad because I know for a fact this management crew has buffered us from much of the malarky that's came down from the top. But, we assume, the presser from the top has become too much to hold back that malarky and, with that, so much of the trust has been eroded away. Now the stage is set to show them on the SFA. I don't know what, if anything, will happen if nation wide SFA scores drop too low. What will that mean? Will all the managers be relegated or will the company not ever bother to avow the scores? Maybe they do acknowledge the scores and it gives them the pretext to dissolve managerial positions or rather replace high salary managers with malleable, low salary applicants. I doubt they even try to buy us with cookouts and donuts this year. Whats the point?
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    What I plan to do this year is do the SFA, but only 1 item. I will mark pay and benefits as low as possible....AND nothing else! You don't have to complete the entire SFA, you CAN chose what to mark and what to skip.
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    The best thing you can do is not take it at all, and encourage others to do the same thing. The SFA is basically a "monitor" management uses to determine how interested we are in unionization. That's all it's really ever been. A mass refusal to play their game sends the strongest message possible...that we think the SFA is crap and that FedEx is crap.
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    By not taking it you send the strongest possible message. That you are no longer interested in playing their BS game. You also deny them the one tool they have to see how far they can screw over the workforce.
    If you like your ops manager, or have a local issue go in their office and talk to them. You have a much better chance of solving a problem that way then by answering some deliberately vague questions one a year.
    The most important thing to remember about the SFA is it is not required.

    Again, THE SFA IS NOT REQUIRED! No matter how much pressure is put on you, you do not have to take it. I know for a fact this is true so don't let them tell you otherwise. There are precedent setting cases where managers have tried to force the driver to take it or write them up for not taking it and the driver has come out on top. I have seen the paperwork on one such case.
    If they ask you why you haven't taken it, tell them it was deferred until October!
    Maybe if enough of us refuse to take it, they will start to realize we are no longer going to put up with this crap.
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    Good one!!