Shift preference and best way advance?

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    I am no spring chicken (40s) and am wondering if any body has some insight about the fastest way to move up the UPS ladder. I am in pretty good shape for my age. Does it basically vary from center to center? What is the normal progression? From part time package handler on up? I have already done the airport cargo handler gig for UPS, does that count? It was a sub contract job through an aviation company. Thanks for any assistance. Does job performance affect pay raises, or do you just have to show up?
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    Fastest way to move up is just to bid on every driving opportunity that comes available. It will depend completely on your center how quickly positions become available. Right no most the centers in my area have a 2-4 year wait to be a driver. Obviously that time frame will change if the economy picks back up and they start adding routes.

    The only time that counts towards your seniority as far as bidding on routes is the time actually spent at the center you are bidding on the route at.

    Raises come automatically every year. Show up to work, work safely, work hard and you will get them :)