Short Term Disability Reduction

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  1. browned out

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    :angry::sick:In our area in 2006 our Short Term Disability was handled by Kemper for up to $500 a week.
    In 2013 Short Term Disability handled by Aetna for maximum of $300 a week.
    How Does this happen? Read all the small print.

    What is your Short Term Disability $ and are you in a union or company plan?

    Maybe the new benefit package will pay $100 a week.
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  2. bowhnterdon

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    Ours is 250 a week,been that way for as long as can remember....
  3. DOK

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    Good idea to pick up an Aflac policy with those numbers.
  4. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    that policy will offset your long term disability......I don't think it has an effect on short term
  5. bottomups

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    Union run plan in my local. Pays out $350 per week gross, but they will deduct SS and Medicare.
  6. BCFan

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    Avoid short term disability by making sure every injury is work related even if you come in with broken bone(s)....BC
  7. Johney

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    So you're advocating fraud? Because that's what you're implying.
  8. upserbham

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    Which is why the company acts like they do when they have a legitimate injury. They assume everybody is trying to lie
  9. Johney

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    Well than don't prove them right. If you are hurt at work file your claim and don't worry, but if you aren't hurt at work don't lie about it. It will come back to bite you in the ass if you're caught. Not only is it fraud to file a comp claim when not injured at work when and if you have to give a deposition for your case that would be perjury. It's not worth losing your job and maybe jail to lie about a comp injury.

    I have been on comp before for legit work injuries and I have found that once you get past the original doc in a box appointment and make it to the specialist I have never had any problems and have found LM very helpful. It's the fraud that BCFan speaks of that causes problems with legit injuries.
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  10. DOK

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    I've heard of guys collecting unemployment while off on short term disability to supplement the disability payments from the union.
  11. balland chain

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    I am currently out on comp.. LM really :censored2: me off, when the adjuster claimed I was dictating when I wanted to go to PT.. and she asked me if I was planning a vacation, REALLY?? I showed up that same day, and asked if they had spoken with them and stated such.. Their eyes got big and said" no, what is she talking about.." I asked them to call to clear this up since I NEVER told them when I wanted to come in.. I always took what ever appointment they gave me, and I have never missed one... What really stinks is I have a legit injury that took them over 3 months to find since they would not authorize a MRI..When they finally did the MRI, they saw the fractured bone and the joint damage that required surgery.. I only wish they would have authorized the MRI sooner, since I have been out of work for 7 months now, and I am still recovering from the surgery.. I have lost so much money by being out, not only in income, but my 401K and the 200 bucks a week of UPS stock I was purchasing.. The bad apples that are fraudulent with their injuries make it really hard for the ones who are really injured.. We workers are now viewed as being dishonest even if we are really injured.. or as the claims adjuster implied "planning a vacation." Hell, I could not even walk, and still can't!! Quite frankly, as you stated the fraudulent employees have made it hard for the ones who are truly injured.. I feel if they are being dishonest, they should loose their job, and be forced to pay LM back for the number of paycheck they received..
  12. Johney

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    What I have noticed about comp is they take forever to find out what is wrong and once they do they will push everything through like lightning to get you to PT and back to work.
  13. balland chain

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    True, once they realized that I was injured (after going thru PT and complaining about serious pain 3 times a week for a month) they sent me to a specialist and the surgeon's first question to my case worker was why did it take so long to authorized a MRI.. she had no answer for that question.. He tried a cortisone shot first to try to avoid the surgery, and when it only gave me relief for 5 days, they scheduled the surgery rather I am again in PT to get mobil and pray I am back in the seat very certainly has not been enjoyable...and I pray that I never have to go thru anything like this again....
  14. Monkey Butt

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    And most importantly, UNION DUES.
  15. Inthegame

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    Another snipe at the Union from wait a minute...retired management. What a shocker! Dues are deducted from payroll checks, not disability checks.
  16. hyena

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    you can get a withdraw card so no union dues are taken out.
  17. Unless he got a withdrawal card, he'll owe back dues when he gets back
  18. hyena

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  19. jumpman23

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    I got 3 aflac policies. 1.dissability 2.hospitalization 3.critical illness. It costs me 165.00 a month. we got 4 guys in the whole center who have it, thats thinking to myself like you guys are a bunch of idiots not to have it. 165.00 bux a month to protect you, your family and not to lose your house. its a pretty easy decision if you ask me. we had a guy in our center who got in an accident outside of work,who actually got aflac after i spoke to him about it and gave him the info,he almost died from the accident.he was out of work for like a year and a half. i called him a couple of times to check on him and of course the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: management didnt call him to check on him at all. he came back to work and shook my hand told me you saved my life man by getting me on the aflac,he said he would have lost everything without the aflac. so if i were you guys id definitely invest in aflac just in case its well worth the small fee to protect you and your life.
  20. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    aflac 165.00 a month. 3 policies 1.dissability 2.critical illness 3. hospitalization. ive had em for 2 years now