Should I Invite Management??

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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Come football and basketball season some of the drivers here take turns having a get-together at each others house. Lately management got word of our plans and hinted they would like to attend (if asked). I don't like getting too close to sups or management after hours, but if its not at my house would any of you invite them??
  2. Fnix

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    why not? were all humans and on the same level once out of work.
  3. PassYouBy

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    I agree...What "IF" you were Management? Wouldn't you want to be invited? Be nice to the "Special Kid" kinda thing.... :)
  4. toeknee2gx

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    if you dont know how to seperate work from your life outside of work then the answer is NO. Most of the management and non-management folks in my building do an excellent job of that. They butt heads all day @ work, but outside of UPS, can be the best of friends.
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    UPS is a different type of job. It would be nice of you to invite your supervisor, BUT if he's a professional he'll say. "Thanks, but I can't make it".

    You do not want management at your social functions. Things happen off hours, and they don't need to know.

    Tieguy, what do you think?
  7. tieguy

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    It can be a tricky situation. If you're not comfortable with it then don't do it. I wouldn't invite them to the house but would invite them to a common event in public. I have people I play golf with and also a general forum at a bar on friday nights where I'll pick up a round or two( two is the limit for safety reasons) for anyone that wants to show up. We have events we go to such as someones retirement bash, charitable fund raisers and such but we are always wary of the favoritism issues. If you think you're going to get hammered for being a suck up by your peers then I would leave it alone. If you can get past that and keep work where it belongs then its usually a good team builder.

    The things that happen that a sup should not know about can be an issue. Thats usually where I say Ooops time to go.
  8. edd_tv

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    i actually saw a sup and another driver get into a fist fight at an after work function last year. it was over something completely unrelated to work and off the clock. just a bunch of us relaxing having a good time at a pub and things escalated. was a fun monday to come back though sup had a black eye. never have let him live it down yet.
  9. looper804

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    I have 1 rule when hanging out with fellow drivers or mgmt when not at work.Talk about work for 20 minutes then I don't want to hear about it no more.And bring me another beer.
  10. rod

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    I would advise no. Especially if any drinking will be happening. Alcohol is the worlds greatest truth serum and sometimes the "truth" hurts.:devil3: Especially the next work day.
  11. Griff

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    No thanks, seeing them for 10 minutes in the morning is more than enough for me.
  12. toonertoo

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    If it was something they are truly interested in yes.
    If you genuinely like them yes.
    If its to get into a battle off premise, no.
    At the end of the day, its all about fellowship.
    We always left work out of it, we work enough, all of us, no reason to relive it.
    Havent had that kind of time in a while, but when we used to it made it alot easier to handle the struggles of work, when you have mutual admiration, and respect.
    If your going to be an idiot when you drink, then your problems are far worse than who might see you be one.
  13. upsgrunt

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    If you're buying, could you give us an address of that "general forum"?:happy-very:
  14. happybob

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    I once had a true friend at work ask me why I would never go into management and I told him I couldn't treat people the way they treat me. Keeping this in mind, how could I ever invite them to my home after hours if I'm not comfortable with the way they treat us at work.
  15. UPS Lifer

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    As a manager - I did not associate with my supervisors during their "stress release" time. I really think it depends on how the individual(s) feel about it. I did throw Xmas parties for my supervisors and I had a Safety Committee appreciation pool party with the non management and a couple of mgmt and everyone appreciated it. None of these parties were funded or sponsored by the company. They talked about what ever they wanted to talk about....but it did help them to get to know me better away from the job.

    Sometimes it really does help to get to know each other away from the work environment. Is it worth trying to build a relationship or improve communication with in the work group? You need to be the judge.
  16. It's just like when I was in the Navy we used to hang out and drink with the officers and senior enlisted overseas all the time. Us ordnancemen would find a bar and claim it our own and we would always throw the best times even when the Captain of the ship came in and wanted to hang out with us, it didn't pose any problems.
  17. diesel96

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    I ride with a bunch of co-workers and a few in mngmt. Yes, we have a common interest, but we have a code. What happens outside of work, stays outside of work. And we've done some pretty hard core stuff. It comes down to chemistry, trust and a vow,"what happens during the ride, stays with the ride".
  18. raceanoncr

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    Agree here. I've seen some people get really, REALLY nasty with just a little alc.

    Besides, are we, as hourlys, invited to mngmt functions?
  19. Sammie

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    Blackbox, your time after work belongs to you and I don't feel mgmt. has the right to infringe on it. Who would want a situation in someone's home to turn awkward when you all have to work together?

    Chances are, your boss is not your best friend anyway and juggling a work and a personal friendship with someone can have it's issues, let alone if that person is your supervisor.

    IMO, they've tamed us humans into God fearing, disciplined employees and there's more than enough obedience training at work not to have to worry about it on your time off. Don't let them see that spark of free will that glows when you clock out!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Besides, are we, as hourlys, invited to mngmt functions?[/quote]

    Thats a good point! I've never heard of any Hourlies getting invited to a strickly mgmt function. If someone was they'd probably keep on the down low to avoid persecution from other drivers.

    The posts seems almost 50-50, Guess we'll just keep things the way they are no need for spoil a good thing. Besides we also have a couple of FEDEX Express drivers who join us once in a while..we love ganging up on them.....they're good guys and good sports.