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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by SmallupSort1939, Dec 22, 2015.

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    So this past year has been a hard one. Probably the hardest year I've ever had. Family emergencies, abundance of illnesses, car trouble, you name it and it happened this last year.

    Anyway, this last month I got nailed with a horrible sinus infection. I'm talking the kind where you can't even stand without getting dizzy and having a weird out of body sensation. Anyway, I called in numerous times that week because I didn't want to injure myself on the job (due to being light headed) and I wanted to get healthy as quick as possible.

    When I returned the FT Sup talked to me and said I needed to do short term disability if something like that happens. I told him I was unaware and asked him what I should have done. He replied, "Hopefully it doesn't happen again." The night went on and the PT Sup came up to me and made a joke stating, "You know we can still fire you for those call ins."

    Well, yesterday I was doing dishes and sliced my hand pretty good. I called in because I want to let it heal and, as I'm sure you all know, the hub isn't exactly sanitary. Well, no one answered the call in line so I left a message. I guess my question is can I get fired for calling in? I had doctors notes for anything over a couple of days. It just freaks me out cause what the PT Sup was saying to me. I've been working for the company for over a year and I am one of the top 3, if not their number 1 bagger in small sort.

    I will admit to an excessive amount of call in's, but like I said, this has been the worst year yet... And I was homeless living under a bridge in the North Dakota winter... So it's bad.
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    You chances of being kept after peak are slim to none, but I hope you get well son
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    Thank you for the well wishes. But wouldn't I be able to fight it? Won't the union help me?
  4. GHerbo

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    Just yanking ya chain, I wouldn't bother asking here you'll just get some bull:censored2: responses...LOL! I'd talk to a coworker or your pt supe see what they have to say
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    Thanks again, buddy.
  6. silenze

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    Unless you miss 3 consecutive days without a doctor's note they can't fire you without going through the progressive discipline process.
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    Read your contract. They have a limited time to discipline you after the incident, and have to go through all of the steps of progressive discipline before you can be fired. Anything that they have not disciplined you for out of the timeframe of the incident you cannot be disciplined for.

    I have never heard of anyone being disciplined for missing time if they provided a doctors note.
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  8. SmallupSort1939

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    Thanks again. If I lost my union contract, where can I find or get another copy?
  9. hondo

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    You'll be fine. There is a defined, progressive discipline policy. It isn't usually made known to new hires (probably to prevent abuse of it). You do need to find out the details of the policy in your area, and find out who your union shop steward is. Ask your coworkers.

    You've gotten a verbal warning (although rather informally). The next level of discipline is likely to be a written warning. You need to ask for your union steward if management wants to go to this step.
    You can download a copy of the National Master Agreement & your regional supplement from (look under parcel/package division). But if you're looking for the attendance policy, it probably won't be in there.
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  11. bleedinbrown58

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    The union can't show up to work for you. Can you be disciplined for attendance....absolutely! Have you been written up or was this your verbal warning?

    Being homeless is all the more reason for your pansy ass to GO TO WORK.
    Waaaah, you cut your hand. Bandage it and go to work...if management feels you shouldn't work and sends you won't count against your attendance.
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  12. UPSroanoke1

    UPSroanoke1 UPSroanoke1

    No they can't just let you go, unless you are temp or you have not made your 90 days. Hint of advice don't ever talk to any person in supervision when u feel like you may get into trouble. ALWAYS HAVE UNION REP THERE WITH U. In my building it is a verbal with union rep there. Then if you continue to miss it is a written warning with union rep present. Then a 3 day. (you don't have to take the 3 day unless you want to and you have 5 days to file or if you want to take the 3 day then your out for 3 days and you will most of the time sign something with the company and union stating you don't want to fight it and waive your right to file). If you file then you remain on the job until local hears your case with UPS. If you continue to be out of work then you get a 5 day until your case is heard by the local with UPS. Again remaining on the job. Then after that and it continues then you get what is know as a working termination, which allows to remain on the job until your case is heard.
    Another hint of advice don't ever think supervision cares if you are the top bagger, they don't care. Most of the PT Super Kids think they can "scare" you. I this helps have a Safe and Merry Christmas.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Maybe it's oozing like chewbecky leg.
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    His vag is oozing for
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    Did you get stitches
  16. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    If so wear a glove. @Big Arrow Down...D might let him borrow one.
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  17. Re-Raise

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    I would think one of the advantages of being homeless and living under a bridge is that you wouldn't have to do dishes..
  18. clean hairy

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    Just not a Michael Jackson glove!
  19. Don't ever let a PT sup intimidate you. We the Brotherhood are here to protect you. Talk to your shop Stewart to see if we can get rid of sup.
    Always remember this.
    1st is SAFETY
    2nd is QUALITY
    3rd is PRODUCTION

    Take all the time off you need to recover, we got your back.

    Loyal Teamster

    We Love Logistics
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