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    It's a beautiful day here on the East coast. Funny thing happened at my station today. TEN sick calls from the PM side! By my estimate, that's almost 25% of the PM couriers. Coincidence or sick-out? I just wish someone had given me a heads-up. I would have joined them.
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    Doesn't sound like a "coincidence" to me. A coordinated sickout would cripple Express for each day on which one occurred. This is why we need a unified communication network, both to take work actions and to assist organizing a union. I would expect a new round of threats and intimidation...yawn.
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    How about, 15-20 drivers go out after work for some food and beers. Next day everyone who went out calls with food poisoning. It could could happen.
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    especially at a company cookout. ;-)
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    You are my HERO. I've been saying that for years!
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    Please update us on how many routes were late and did the plane get delayed. Who did they call in (if anyone) ... did the managers run the routes. Do tell!!!! HA