Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

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  1. over9five

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    Oh boy, according to this if you have just three of these signs it's time to get a new job. Most BCers might as well start looking!
  2. Raw

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    If your boss is cruel don`t worry, management at UPS usually changes every few months and we have nightmares about everything in our lives, not just UPS. Silly article.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Your job is what you make of it.
  4. anonymous6

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    Signs It's Time To Find A Job

    1. ur living in your car or under a bridge

    2. u haven't eaten in a couple weeks

    3. your wife and kids ran away

    4. Obama is calling you a traiter for not paying taxes.

    Be Patriotic and keep working for the MAN.
  5. Integrity

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    I agree that an employee's attitude and method of coping and handling difficult situations is entirely the employee's responsibility.

    People are responsible for what they do. No excuses, life can be hard.

    This being said; there are many variables that contribute to an individual's job.

    Leadership and the culture that the leadership creates by their adherence to a moral code of right and wrong is a major contributor to the quality of one's work experience.

    Integrity believes in positive thinking too.

    However, positive thinking doesn't make unjust behavior just, it does not make wrong behavior right.

    I have stated before that truly working with Integrity and not against him will be what makes jobs at UPS better for everyone, even the corporate executives.

  6. paidover95

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    1:Has any of your children said"Dad your working your life away!!"2:Has your wife ever said "Have you ever really listened to yourself about how miserable you are working there?"3:Has any part of your body giving out to the physical demand of you job???4:Have you ever said to yourself"DO I REALLY WANT TO WORK LIKE THIS AND BE TREATED LIKE THIS THE REST OF MY CAREER???"
  7. ORLY!?!

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    The workers here at UPS are some of the strongest and unique employees I've ever seen. Our ability to just deal with it, shove it to the side, forget about it and enjoy the payment for it. I think some of us, if not a large majority, would be bored stupid by a such inactivity of an office job. And lastly, the ability to deal with the impossible, which most Americans would never do, makes are worth weigh more then gold, which they never will acknowledge, yet we all know too well they think so with that last part of their humanity buried deep inside of that cold frame that used to be a person.
  8. anonymous6

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    just watched "We Are Soldiers." ( for Memorial Day )

    our problems pale in comparison.
  9. Bubblehead

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    Great point on Memorial Day!!!
    Would like to add "Band Of Brothers" and "The Pacific".
    Our daily paroles pale in comparison to what those soldiers endured.
    Perhaps thats not a fair analogy, but almost daily I pass somebody somewhere doing something I consider worse than what I'm doing.
    That being said; I conclude this post by saying, I like what I do, just not who I do it for.
  10. ymelord

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    The imitation, the harassment, the lies, the threats, the stress, you know you would miss it. It causes me to drink, but not to quit.
  11. Cementups

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    Just like our safety motto, this job is by choice, not by chance.

    That being said, it was by chance that I came into this job but it is my choice that I keep showing up to do it everyday.
  12. satellitedriver

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    I failed the test, or did I pass?
    I have none of these delusion about myself and where I chose to work.
    My simple test is just one question.
    Do I want to be here?