Since they won't take it, then I will

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    Since we work for a company that can't seem to get its act together regarding logistics in a timely manner I try to dedicate the "first fruits" of each day getting my own stuff done at home since UPS is ok with being secondary. I make an effort to get up early and get much of my weekend projects started or done during the weekday mornings we start so late. What's leftover UPS can have and just pay me the extra time it takes since fatigue seems to creep in around 1600 and I have atleast 3 1/2 hrs left to deliver. I encourage everyone to do this if you don't already, Let UPS dine on the leftovers.
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  2. MECH-lift

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    Slow and steady wins the race..
  3. UnconTROLLed

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    I can picture you outside sealing your driveway or up on the roof patching,something, smiling and waving at your center manager as they drive by on their commute
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    I used to hit the gym in the morning. Best part about that was not having that feeling of giving your entire day to UPS.

    First fruits.
  5. PappyLand

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    You show em!