Single system: un-scanned cargo


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So, with this new single system, we have to rely on the preloaders to scan every.single.package...

What happens if a disgruntled or fed up driver doesn't do the right thing & scanned those boxes to either deliver them or code them 012???

I had a box missing for 3 weeks because someone mis loaded it to the wrong route & that driver kept taking it for a ride until it finally showed up on my pile one morning.

The management tracks the last scan to the terminal & it simply vanished for 3 weeks... I had to keep using DEX 016 for the first week until they pulled that tracking# off my manifest.

Soon someone with bad moral compass gonna either take them home and resell em off eBay or Craig's list or driver-release to a river or dumpster...


Some mis sorts that the neighboring route loaded on their vehicles are correctly DEX as 012 so when I don't the "end of day" process, it auto reconcile those boxes.

That's why I verify everything as I load. I hated finding missing boxes as I drove to a customer's home s to say "oops! I guess I'll cya tomorrow!"


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If UPS can pull it off for years.. it's no problem for FedEX..
Granted I like that FDX has more accountability with excessive scans. But it also requires expensive time usage.(waste of time and $)


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Ahhh, UPS employees are hourly, while FXG are salary, or paid by the stop or package counts.

so of course you can meet up with other drivers in your loop to hand off the mis load or go help out another driver... while we're left alone until finished with the route