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    hey whats up.. i work in a smaller center, do skilled jobs and do not get paid for it. i have been shifting for over a year and a half and was getting the skilled pay for it at first but then my center manager told me i wasnt allowed to do it anymore. im finally fed up with this bull between the other guys on my sort not getting there skilled pay either and decided that somethin needs to be done. should i be filing a grievance, calling my union rep because we do not have a shop steward anymore, and also ive looked in my union book for an article and what not to file under but im not sure what to put.. any ideas????
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    If you are working preload, sorter, high volume direct or low volume direct, you should be getting skilled pay. THat is what the master says. Article 22 Section 5(b)

    File a grievance every week that you do not get skilled pay yet you are doing skilled work. "for the week of July 27-31, I worked preload (for ex) and did not recieve the skilled pay adjustment per article 22 sec 5(b)" for example.

    I hear in some centers/buildings they are not calling , say, sort aisle skilled pay because there are not enough belts to consider it skilled pay. Whether this is true or not I do not know. this may be mutually agreed upon by the local and mgmt, so you want to contact your local rep or BA about this and see if they worked a side deal with the company.
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    Per the contract you have a right to a steward I would get one asap.
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    During any part of your shift, are you a preloader, a sorter, or do you work high volume direct or low volume direct?

    Also, be advised that although many at UPS talk about "skilled" and "unskilled" part-time jobs, there is no mention of "skilled/unskilled" in the Contract.

    If you do any job other than the four listed above, you are considered working in the "all others" job category and receive a dollar an hour less. Strange as this may sound, this is what a majority of the (mostly full-time) UPS Teamster members voted to pay you. And what Teamster officials across the country unanamously recommended.
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    the problem has since been fixed i am making the skilled pay im supposed to only because i took the steward up to the center manager and we talked it through.