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    I was wondering if anyone has any input regarding this scenario.
    I am a bagger with a decent amount of seniority in the area, in the top half. I also like to take the cut and leave as early as possible every night.
    However they do this thing where sorters and baggers are on a different "list," even though the start times sheet shows us all on one list. What happens is often sorters, sometimes multiples, with years less seniority than me are offered the chance to leave before I am. Note that we have NGSS and I have on many occasions indeed sorted. Also one "bagger" works on the slide sorting virtually every night, freeing up a spot for a sorter to be cut when the time comes.
    My question is, is this legit? This has been pushed by a sorter and I feel like I'll be fighting city hall if I get the Union involved as she is very tight with them-- you know what they say about how it goes when you try to fight city hall.
    If anything I would think baggers should be more disposable because we're not classified as "skilled" and therefore really shouldn't be sorting--- and there's no reason a sorter couldn't bag.

    Thanks in advance for any input
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    depends upon your supplement. In some regions, seniority does give you that right, but in most (I believe) seniority only gives you the right to work, and not the right to not work.
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    NGSS doesn't have any skilled positions so the company "shouldn't" be able to play the seniority game with baggers/sorters.

    When you say say "chance to leave" are you referring to voluntary time off or getting to leave 15-20 minutes earlier than everyone else when they get done? The former is going to be much easier to solve than the latter.

    It's going to be difficult to get any movement on this issue for several reasons; primarily, we don't know what supplement you're covered under. Secondly, in the Atlantic Area, this would be based on completion of first assignment and the right to pass "extra" work.
  4. blue efficacy

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    Central Region supplement. And I am talking about the right to leave early (beginning of the night once area is staffed, or before break when they cut back, etc.) Seeing people with 5 years less seniority than me leave 2 hours before I do because they have an S by their name as listed on the schedule rather than a B is very frustrating.
    While we have NGSS there are indeed 4 "skilled" people needed to work the slide at my building's SS to sort between the three bin sets. One of these 4 is officially a bagger. If they are going to say the sorter/bagger distinction means anything at all they shouldn't be having bagger guy sort every night, right?
    Again I fear this is an uphill battle as the driving force behind this is friendly with the union (committee member) and the current setup is to her and her friend's benefit.
    Could I make the argument the sorter/bagger distinction should go away as we have NGSS?
    Thanks PiedmontSteward.
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    how far do you travel to work?
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    What is NGSS? And why are baggers and sorters on different lists? When I was in smalls we were all on one list.
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    Where i'm at high seniority is asked if they want to stay, if not, they leave, if they're a bagger then once a sorter is free'd up they usually take that baggers spot.

    There is no separate list for sorters and baggers, or any inside part time position as far as i know. You all follow the same seniority list. When your center manager comes around with the vacation sheet does he ask baggers and sorters differently even if that sorter has less seniority? No. He doesn't. And if he does he's been :censored2:ing up.
  10. PiedmontSteward

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    For the record -- just because someone is on the safety committee doesn't give them the right to set the seniority practices in a work area. In fact, they really don't have the right to do much more than pass out bananas before the sort and attend the committee meetings. While the local unions have the sole right to appoint the union side of the CHSPs, a lot of wankers/scabs/ass suckers/:censored2:beards/etc. sometimes slip through the cracks.

    If this current practice runs contrary to the language in your supplement (in the Atlantic Area, we have a clause under Article 48 "Voluntary time off.. in seniority order"), ask your steward and file a grievance.

    Having separate seniority lists for a small sort based on "job" is bogus and is just another way for management to game the system.
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    Why you no like making money?
  12. GetTacosOrDieTrying

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    I never heard of chsp controlling seniority.. All i do is do safety audits which don't change a thing how things are done. Also try to mentor new hires on safety but have management getting in my way of doing it correctly.
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    NGSS= New Generation Small Sort
  14. working up a sweat

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    NGSS. The sorter scans the package and blue lights direct the sorter to what bin to put the package in.

    The bagger has a 24 key punch pad(1 key for each bin). The key lights up when the bin is full. The bagger than opens up the bin and puts the contents into the bag. Then they key in the bin number and code that is stamped on the bin and a label prints out.They then slap on the label to the bag and put the bag on the belt.

    NGSS has cut down on the chances of getting a missort.

    Even a caveman can do small sort since NGSS has come into being.
  15. PT Stewie

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    The big question is: did you get your guarantee ? We have people that bitch and complain to get out the door early with no care about their 3 and a 1/2 and who is doing their job when they leave .
    PS I still read and sort the old way .
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Ohhhhh. We had that at FedEx Ground when I wonder worked there. Still had missorts though. LOL.
  17. blue efficacy

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    That's what I thought. But again the gal on the union stewards committee is the driving force, not management. It works to the benefit of her and her friend-- and part time supervisor guy is just a 20ish year old guy who doesn't want to cross a couple of 40ish year old women. Not that I can blame the kid!! I heard that this was made into an issue a while back via a grievance--- however I imagine this was before Next Gen Small Sort was installed.

    I actually feel like if I made this into an issue management would give me more help than my local. I procured a grievance form and am combing through the book for the applicable parts of the contract. Thanks again for all the input-- I am glad to know this nonsense doesn't seem to be common practice.
  18. blue efficacy

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    Nope. I would probably quit if I was stuck there that late every night. I am there for the medical/dental only. Get about 15 hours/week
  19. GetTacosOrDieTrying

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    Well if you feel your seniority is being violated. grieve it
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    GetTacosOrDieTrying What's in the box!!!!!?