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    Can someone please clarify if there is a rule that we are unable to have snacks while we are work. I can't seem to find any documentation that supports this new rule or is this rule for out hub only. This would include snacks brought from outside the building or purchased from machines from inside the hub. From my understanding if we are caught with food we are to dispose of it and will be issued a warning letter. In some cases people have to eat somthing because of certain health reasons or medications. Please advise if possible.
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    You must be kidding, your not in grade school are you?
  3. dannyboy

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    Its allowed in our center. The unload about ruined it for everyone though when as they dumped all their trash on the belts.

  4. tieguy

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    Thats the biggest issue that affects whether you can or can't. People start littering the operation with candy wrappers and soda cans.
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    Never mind the styrofoam peanuts, the broken packing bands, torn up boxes and layers upon layers of cardboard dust but, by God, we WILL HAVE NO candy wrappers and pop cans!
    Can anyone say "arbitrary and capricious"?
  6. dannyboy

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    It was such a problem that I filed a safety grievance over the situation. many times worse than all the items you mentioned.

    We try and keep a clean building and much of what you posted is not found in our center. But when 15-20 cans and bottles come out the belt, along with wrappers and other trash, all because of the trashy habits of those in the primary, it does pose quite a problem, one that those on the belt should not have to deal with.

    Besides, much of what you posted is a by product of the business. Just like dust accumulating around your house. Why add to the mess just because you are too lazy to place it in the trash can. In our center there is one usually within 50 feet of your work area. Funny how when faced with a ban, it all cleared up on its own.

  7. moreluck

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    It's kind of like the same reason a casino gift shop doesn't sell chewing gum. People can be pigs with the disposal of gum. People sometimes do things like tossing trash just anywhere and they would never do that in their own homes.
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    No eating ,bathroom breaks ,and drinking allowed.:lol:
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    No eating ,bathroom breaks ,and drinking allowed.

    Thats what breaks are for. Also what bathrooms and break rooms are for.

    Funny how so-called adults cant go more than 15 minutes without a potty break or snack. Then theyll run out and stand in line 12 hours straight to get the new X-Box and somehow dont need constant breaks.
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    I don't think this was related to a trash issue. I believe it was a productivity reason. Who knows? My question would be when its a hot summer day are we going to be denied the ice machine and water? For productivity we have been eating and drinking for years. I would like to bring a holiday treat for the people in my department. But I'm not going though all that labor at home to be caught with it at work and told to dispose and receive a letter for being nice.
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    This has never been an issue at my hub. I know there are signs in a couple break rooms with vending machines saying food items are not to be taken out, but nobody really abides by it.
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    It might also be that OSHA is more active in some areas than others. I know that food in the workplace in many areas is forbidden because of OSHA regs, other places are not so strict.

    Kinda like radios in the work place. Depends on where you are and how management handles the situation.

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    Heres another take on the food at the workplace issue.If you`re a driver on the road and you are overdispatched(how`d that happen?...)You ask for help only to be told there`s none available and they ask if you can do it with a code 05,you agree and you use 5 of your 10 min paid break to grab a bite to eat as you drive.This can be even more dangerous than the damn cellphone users if you dont do it right.We had a division mngr once that banned code 05`s.He said every day everyone comes in with a full lunchbox and its empty at the end of the day,and we all know its unsafe to eat while you drive. He went on to say that they know ALL drivers steal time,and that efficency dictates the elimination of the code 05 ,except when they allow it under certain circumstances.I was hurt:(
    And I`m glad they promoted him out of our lives.Anyhow,I`m a bit off topic,Drivers can be messy too,often if I`m off a day I`ll find coke cans and banana peels left in the truck.
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    This CONSTANTLY happened in my center. People would throw soda bottles, apple cores, potato chip bags, basically any trash, under or near the package cars instead of in the garbage where it should have gone. I felt so sorry for our porter who had to clean up all that junk, and no one seemed to care when we'd ask them not to be so messy.

    Same thing on the hub - once, we had a trailer that came in with someone's leftover dinner from KFC under the flaps. He must've gotten a bunch of extra ranch dressing packets because the entire side of the trailer was coated in slippery, foul-smeling ranch dressing. I refused to work in the trailer, all I had to do was scream "safety hazard" and that trailer was cleaned out in 2 minutes.

    I'm messy at home, but at work? I know other people don't want to wade through, step on, or clean up my garbage.
  15. dannyboy

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    Code 5 means only that you did not take your full lunch, so they will not automatically deduct the hour for lunch. You only put down the time you take.

    Example. I get an unpaid hour for lunch and a paid ten minute break. On code 5, I could not take any lunch, still take my ten minute break, and get paid for every minute I was out on road. Or I could take my ten minute break, and say 20 minutes of lunch and get paid for the other 40 minutes I would have taken for lunch.

    Code 5 does not ever mean you didn't take any time that was personal. But if you claim you didn't take any personal time, make sure you don't. Otherwise you will be fired. Seen it happen.

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    Let's not forget the parking lot. Why on earth would you clean out your car at work and dump your trash on the ground? One morning I came to work and the wind was really blowing. The fence on the far side was just covered with various drive thru wrappers. I wonder what our customers who use the counter think sometimes with all the litter blowing around.
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    Back in the day, on preload, management would buy us doughnuts for break. We would all run up to them. Remember the saying, "walk don't run". We didn't follow it..

    Nothing was said about snacks/drinks in the workplace for us. However, there would be a bunch of trash all over.
  18. wily_old_vet

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    My first bldg we had a roach coach show up every morning about 6 for the preload One person from each belt would go out and get stuff for the rest of the people
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    People leave trash on our belt and in the cars all the time. But nothing was worse than the day one of the drivers left me a bottle of piss in his truck. It sat there all shift nobody would take care of it. I told the safty guys, and the sups. Nothing was done. I didn't load the truck.
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    Thats the worst.....nothing like finding a yellow bottle of coke rolling around.
    My current loader is addicted to pistacios and i have the shells all over.
    Preloaders are pretty much allowed to do anything they want in my center except give me a decent load...