So I just completed my 1st what?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tbird2000, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. tbird2000

    tbird2000 Working Class

    By my calculations I just completed my 30th day of work, this is not including training days. Do I wait for someone to approach me with some type of union papers to sign or do I take it upon myself to contact the shop steward?
  2. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    What job classification were you hired under?
    It should be automatic and you will receive the union papers in the mail. Technically, you have attend a union meeting to make it official, but I have yet to, like many others in my building.
  3. tbird2000

    tbird2000 Working Class

    Job classification was "permanent part-time". But myself and 3 others found it a bit odd to be hired permanently so close to peak season, we were hired in August. I'm not even in the union yet and my FT sup. said that I was noticed by him and other sups as far as my work ethic and attendance so he took me off of twilight ramp work and put me on jet fueling. That kinda makes me think that they are going to keep me, maybe it's just to gass me up......mgmt. BS?
  4. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    If you punched in on the 30th day then you're in. The free period for seasonals and casuals doesn't start until Nov. 1st.
  5. tbird2000

    tbird2000 Working Class

    @ Newark Int'l they say October 15th but whatever......:tongue_sm
  6. ddddddyomM

    ddddddyomM Guest

    what - do you expect a friggen t-shirt, baloons, and confetti?

    CONGRATULATIONS YOU'RE THE 500,000'TH teamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where i'm from it's 70 working days and you are just in. no one treats you differently. just keep onkeepin on, dude. you're in and you can't be fired now.
  7. tbird2000

    tbird2000 Working Class

    Just hoping for a little job security before I go out and buy a car, jerky titz.
  8. speeddemon

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    Ous is Oct 1
  9. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    hold your ass apart and bent over.
  10. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    You get a .50 raise I think...
  11. nyymt62

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    I have been a part-time Package Handler for at least 60 working days, my dues have yet to be collected. Only last week did I get my Union paperwork, which I was supposed to get on my 30th. My Supervisor handed it to me, and the Union Steward made no mention of attending a meeting. Are things different from region to region?
  12. blue efficacy

    blue efficacy Active Member

    Thats at 90 Calendar days
  13. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    I never went to a meeting, the day I was hired I signed the union sheet, and they started taking it on my second paycheck.
  14. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    The meeting is merely a formality, you are not required to attend.
    Technically, you are supposed to but most people don't. I believe it's so you can be sworn in.
  15. tbird2000

    tbird2000 Working Class

    They took union dues out on my check from last night, signed my perm. papers and union forms too, now while peak hires load the bellies of DC-8's, 767's, and Airbusses, I'll be loading my belly with cookies from the vending machine.....just kidding...
  16. Air Hub

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    At the Airport I work at you will get the .50 raise at 90 days, $8.50 to $9. No more raises till the 1 year point.

    We do not get the extra $1 for Sort (yes we sort stuff) or Preload that they get at the main hub just down the road.

    At Newark Int'l airport do they have a higher "skilled" pay scale for UPS employees?
  17. rngri4

    rngri4 New Member

    Do like our newest hire did today, showed up an hour late on their 30'th day, luckily she didn't punch in, and she was also sent back where she came from. I just don't understand 6 days missed, three of which were no call no shows, in a 29 day period, sort of stupid really.
  18. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap Local 657

    I got a t-shirt and a pocket calender. WOOT!!!!!!1:w00t: