So who called off today to avoid the "unsafe conditions" of this winter blast?


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Went in today. Left the building late because of late air. Was a white out all day, couldn't see across the intersection at stop lights. They ended up calling us in a little after 1 at our center due to every town having a driving ban.
Got a message that emergency conditions are still expected tomorrow so just air is supposed to be going out.

Man you’re gonna be heavy for a while as stuff backs up.


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Man you’re gonna be heavy for a while as stuff backs up.

We run Saturday at my hub. I'm thinking by Tuesday we should be back to normal. Plus, the thruways around here just opened up for commercial traffic an hour ago. Stuff probably won't start rolling in until next week.

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I went in yesterday and during the snowstorm we got on Tuesday. I wasn’t able to finish about a quarter of the work both days since I’m on a rural route. I did call it quits last night -20 with 30mph winds was making snow mounds 3 and 4 feet deep in the road that you can’t see at night. Clean up today and tomorrow and relax for two days.
Those snow mounds blown onto the road are called "drifts" ;)


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It was....for some.

With so many people sitting home for a couple of days with nothing better to do than order junk online, I can only imagine next week might be like a mini peak for a few days.

I heard some people didn't order anything but just sat around watching porn.


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Driver in the other center at my building told me they were trying to write up a driver for have 173 record while idle on Wednesday. :lol: