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    There is so much doom and gloom in the news today, I thought it important to shed light on some positive developments.
    During our contract negotiations, the Local 804 board negotiated a clause in the supplemental agreement that restored our pension after U.P.S had previously fought for and purchased a giant loophole in U.S ERISA laws. The letter of agreement makes the company responsible for putting enough money into the pension to secure our benefits, regardless of Wall st. developments. While trillions of dollars have been lost in the midst of this global financial meltdown, our pension has been safeguarded.
    Our local also won a huge settlement against U.P.S recently. This win created strong full-time inside jobs and earned the grievants a 4 million dollar settlement, roughly $44,000 each. When the PAS/EDD system was implemented, U.P.S decided to use management people to do DCAP work. Local 804 argued that this was in fact clerk work and the arbitrator agreed.
    Next up: supervisors working!!
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    We've had a non-union person doing hourly decap and other clerical jobs on and off here. No one said anything until I had to step in and make waves. I say "had to" because it was my work she was doing. Sure management was peeved and felt I was disobeying them, but it's unbelievable that they'd get away with whatever they wanted because they felt everyone was under their thumb. I bid into the job and it was a newly created job under 22.3 from 2007. Sure I may be a thorn in their side, but they non-union hourly didn't want to be doing the work either.
  3. I don't want to sound pessimistic but I found this on a message board,I don't know how accurate it is but with the current state of things it sure is getting scary. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS,

    I said it a while back. UPS CAN go bankrupt. Right now, UPS has over $10B in debt and over 1.5B in casg BUT the debtors are in TROUBLE. Since UPS relies HEAVILY on debt to pay the 425, 000 employees and day to day business and ALL the WORLS is slowing, markets crashing, UPS' their creditors will probably see that UPS forward earnings will be decimated. UPS debt will be downgraded and UPS in major trouble. UPS needs way too much debt laden cash for day to day. It will probably swiftly file Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, if things don't improve in the commercial paper market.
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    Great news from new york !!!!!

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    This is wonderful that your union goons are able to attack the hand that feeds you and get arbitrators (wonder what you get if you remove the arbi) to agree with you.

    Meanwhile in the real world markets are crashing and all of our pensions are in jeopardy. Hope you can find an arbitrator that can revert the market back to better days.
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    ROLFMAO.....I'm sorry but I couldn't resist! That's a good one, Tie! -Rocky
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    The internet message board, bastion of accurate information. I can`t wait for more info from
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    First, I'm glad that you got a contract negotiated that you are happy with. There is no question that collective bargaining is good for the employee.

    Second, I also support your right to have union employees do union work. If management does the work (without special circumstances), you should get a settlement.

    What I don't understand is how "U.P.S had previously fought for and purchased a giant loophole in U.S ERISA laws".

    Of course, UPS has PAC money. I support UPSPAC and will continue to give to that PAC.

    The UPS PAC is about $2.7M. The Teamster PAC is over 3 times that amount (closer to 4 times).

    How did UPS buy congressman? I had a chance to be in Washington with our public affairs people about that time. I got to talk with a few congressman, and yes UPS was discussing our position with them.

    Guess what? The congressman said that they were weighing all sides. I heard that first hand. The Teamsters were telling them your side of the story with your PAC money.

    Maybe the lawmakers just made the decision they thought best at the time??

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    If you are not happy with the language of the contract that you entered into, why did you suggest a "yes" vote on the offer?

    Are you suggesting that management only be required to honor those portions of the language that they find convenient?

    Please explain to me how expecting management to honor a contract constitutes an "attack" upon UPS by the "union goons."

    We recently had an employee terminated for violating the contract. His termination was upheld by an arbitrator. Is this employee simply a victim of the "management goons"...or did the system that both sides agreed to simply work in the manner that it was supposed to?