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    ok so if you bid on a position..and get that position...can you be made to leave that position?...heres the out hub we have 4 centers...each center had 2 clerks..except for the 1....where there was 1 clerk..that 1 clerk filed a grievance to get an extra clerk like the other centers...this is where i come in..i signed the bidsheet 4this position 7to8mths ive been clerking as a clerk not as help as an actual clerk 4this long...well here recently ive been getting in heated arguments w my center he hasnt told me this directly but apparently he wants 2send me back 2 the hub 2 what i was doing before i came 2b a question is is this possible? can u indeed be made to leave a position that u bidded on? ive been told by many sofar at work that ucant...i was also told to go to the union w this...which i am 1st thing in the morning...does any1 have any idea if any of what hes tryin 2do is possible?
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    If there is no longer a need for the second clerk in that center, I believe you could be moved. But wouldn't you stay in the new center? Is the cutback temporary? Ask a shop steward to join you in conversation with the center mgr. and find out the reason. If there is going to be a second clerk, and no one with more seniority than you signed the bid sheet, you are the clerk. Good louck.
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    I`m confused. How can someone file a greivance and win to get another clerk? Can I as a driver file a greivance and win to get another employee to become a driver to help me?
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    "so ive been clerking as a clerk not as help as an actual clerk"

    You've got plenty of room here, why don't you lose the shorthand text messaging and use capital letters, grammer, and ONE period; you know like you learned in school? I remember a bunch of us tried to give you this hint when you asked about being a manager. We are just trying to help.
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    this is ain't shorthand or maybe its a lazy shorthand.
    You can't file a grievance to create a job.
    Your job can be eliminated.
    If your on the 30 days of qualifying for this position you can be sent back to your old job.
    Sounds like your boss is not happy with either the position you hold or the job you are doing in that position. If you want to improve your odds you might want to make sure your job performance is not the issue.

    I'm curious. I saw some of the other posts where posters here asked you to get rid of the shorthand. Do you know how to write in normal english?

    Just wondering if our school systems are now turning out kids who can't write but know how to shorthand text messages on the phones.
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    They actually have competitions now to see who can text the fastest.
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    Yeah, I believe that.

    The hired help doesn't dictate staffing requirements and never has or will.
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    This has to be a lackey out of atlanta! We are not hired help, we are the back bone of this money making pit that allow you to sit behind that fancy little desk of yours in that small little cubical space. And for your info if a clerk left that position and was never replaced us (hired help) can file a grievance to replace that position, i know in your perfect little cubical space that if your cubical partner left you might be able to pick up the slack and get alittle more work done, but here in the real world we need the same amount of people to do the work to get it done and service the customers (thats how WE get paid).

    Got to love it when the desk jockeys start putting in their 2 cents. I think i hear your fax machine, better hurry dont want to miss that fax!
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    hey "upsgrunt" thanks for your concern once again on my shorthand...i do understand that you and "your friends" just want to help....ok lets break this down one more time for everyone thats over the age of hmmm lets just say 40...ill use "english grammer" from now on in this forum...anyhow...."705red" had a very good and funny but true point...were not hired help.......1st of all its not my im not in any 30day trial... the fact is he doesnt want two clerks anymore..i was brought over bc...wait oops...because a grivance was filed...and now that his numbers our back to normal he doesnt think he needs it.....well hes wrong....and um "tieguy?" yea there was no job created...the job position was there in the first place it just wasnt filled...u say you cant file a grievance on that?...well your wrong because it happen...and lastly they'll have a bigger problem if i go back to the hub and they put someone else in the position..but thats not the case...this guy is tryin to get rid of a second clerk alltogether...
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    Ok, so you were brought in to the center with only one clerk to fill the 2nd clerk position. First, there are no bid positions for PT. If they want you to load, unload, or run the counter, or process International and you`re trained for it, then you work as directed. If the center manager wants to reduce the staffing, he can. We cannot dictate to UPS how to run their business. However, if this center manager uses PT sups or FT sups to help with the clerking ormoving of the freight, then you record when and file a greivance provided the center manager isn`t dealing with a staff problem due to sickness. I hope this helps
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    At our center the clerk positions are always a gray area. I heard that, until recently, clerks were not considered regular part time employees like the rest of us. Seems they have their own set of rules but I'd take the advice of sitting down with the union rep to try and settle this.

    Our center recently had a porter retire, which should have left a FT position. Company doesn't want another porter so they offered the union a combo position for someone to work preload and porter. Union isn't buying it so we have only one porter and the place looks like a dump. They have part timers sweeping and emptying trash as they can, as long as they don't go over five hours.

    The union is just as capable of twisting the contract as management is. They trade off and make deals, sure as I'm sitting here. "We'll let you come down hard on this employee if you leave that other one alone". Lunch? Golf? Knees? dw
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    Now I've been a driver for almost 11 years, but back when I was in the Hub, there was a bid list for PT work. Lateral positions(unload, load, pull smalls) you work as directed. BUT, to move to a skilled PT position(sorter, irreg driver) you had to be on the bid list. When your name came up, and you knew the zips, or whatever, you got the job. I believe a clerk is a skilled Hub position.
  14. 705red

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    Now you assume the union is in ups's pocket. What you fail to understand that if the union allows ups to not fill those open ftime jobs with new ftimers than they will try and replace every open ftime job with combo jobs. Here we will not allow a ftime job to be replaced as a 22.3 combo job. Porter is a very sought after position, its less than a dollar an hour than a package driver and is alot easier than delivering all day, its the perfect retirement job. i will bet money that the porter position has been grieved and is awaiting an arbitration hearing!

    That porter should be filing grievances for the p-timers that are doing his work and pressure the company to replace that retired porter.
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    hey "dorkhead"...apparantly every hub had diff rules and ways the hub is ran....i only say this bc ive noticed it after joining this lil brown cafe....u said there are no bid positions for PT? could you make that statement after im telling i did it as well as happend buddy...and it happens all the time at my hub and apparantly at other bc ol "samiam" mentioned he did also 11yrs go from one skillied position to another you have to bid for it...ive been at ups for 7yrs now...i started in the unload...bidded to go to sort aisle..bidded to become irregg driver...and lastly bidded to become the clerk that i am now...but who knows like they said maybe the "clerk position" is just a weird gray actually very interested in knowin more about these combo jobs i keep hearing about....the only ones i ever hear of here that is... is the overnight carwash and any hub position....and or just basically workin preload and sunrise shifts...which they do allow here at our hub...other than not to sure how and what exactly this 22.3 combo means
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    I sure hope there is a stink being raised about our lost porter position. Although I'd give my eye teeth for it there is man who has busted his butt as a damages clerk for many years and he wanted the job. He really should be allowed to have it (high seniority) and spend the rest of his years pushing a broom and staying out of the bs.

    Didn't mean to say the union is in UPS's pocket but I do feel that deals are made. Seen a lot of twisted situations in my time. Maybe they really are locked into vague (did I spell that one right?) contract language and their hands are tied. Do know that part time air driver language is terrible and lots of squabbling about who has what rights to drive and when. I have read the master agreement and there is no clear cut answer that I can fine. Many situations get tied up in lengthy arbitration and just sit without decisions. dw
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    Brownboss, at our center there is NO bid list for PT. Just a seniority list. Our clerks, loaders, unloaders and International PT`s do not bid for their positions. That is how it is done at our center.
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    Silly me . Since you obviously know this stuff much better then i could you tell me what article of the contract tells me I have to fill all clerk openings not to mention add extra clerks as you claim.. :thumbup1:
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    silly me deepest apologies master....i am not worthy...for i know nothing also.....look i wasnt tryin 2 dispute the facts in the contract...or to tell you whats in it and whats telling you what i see and hear with my own 2eyes and ears.....just like what was said above from someone are made..and i believe that also...corners are cut and rules are contract your lil articles you speak of can say one thing and something else can happen...hey once again maybe its just this hub i work in idont not saying your wrong about what it states in the contract im just sayin to some degree and in some cases it almost doesnt matter.....also i never said anything about "adding extra clerks"....fact is every center had 2clerks at one point 1 center got rid of 1...a grievance was filed and iwas born there the did the grievance actually go thru?..who knows?..was the manager just tryin 2make the guy that filed it happy?..who knows?..Now i also heard that if they can prove the work isnt there for a second clerk then its legal to get rid of the position...but if not iwas told it cant happen...this is all hearsay from some of the union reps we have basically since i bidded for a position it cant just be taken away bc the manager just wants it told he has to prove its not needed....hey but again what do i know..i just have eyes and ears....but to be perfectly honest ive never sat down an actually read the whole contract for myself...but maybe thats bc i see it pretty much means nothing when certain ppl are doin whatever the please..contract or no contract
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    heres the part of your post where it does appear you claim an extra clerk position was created via grievance. Love to see the article language if you can get your hands on it.