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    I noticed when I was on BC this morning that there were a lot of posts that had absolutely nothing to do with the thread. They were promoting an online music store or something along those lines. I reported the posts, as did Jones, to Scratch, who deleted them right away. Scratch said that we have been getting Spammed a lot lately and he asked that the members notify the mods of any such posts so if you are in BC and see something that doesn't seem right let a mod know by clicking on the !, which is on the lower left part of the screen under the user name information. Thanks in advance for your help in keeping BC Spam free. Dave.
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    Good post!

    You guys don't realize how much you help us when you use the "report post" icon.
    We'll eventually catch all the bad stuff, but if someone reports it, it'll get taken care of right away!
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    Cheryl has a spam filter installed on this site, and it usually works well. We don't see a lot of such posts, but so far today, there was two new "Members" who set up User Accounts and got through. I suspect this is just spamming software that looks for places on the net to post stuff. The posts will have nothing to do with the Thread Topic and will have a link to sell something. It seems like they usually try to hawk cell phones, cameras, and computer games.

    Thanks to everyone that reports this stuff. Sometimes we respond personally in a PM and sometimes we aren't able to do that because of so many people reporting this crap.
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    When I was growing up, SPAM, left a bad taste in my mouth. Yuck, can just imagine what the new version tastes like,:sick:.
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    I actually like the spam you're talking about- sliced and fried with mustard on a sandwich is good to me. Maybe I'm just weird!
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    Or maybe you grew up in the depression!:happy-very:
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    SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!!! Remember the Monty Python skit??
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    Love quoting myself....

    And if you don't, go here
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    1. thx to
    2. By World War II, Hormel had sold twenty thousand tons of Spam. Then, during the wartime meat rationing, Spam got popular...
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    • Over 141 million cans of SPAM are sold worldwide each year.
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    When I make comments like this, I usually get weird stares. Sorta like when you ask your dog if he wants to go outside, or for a ride in the car. Am I really getting so old that I understand all this stuff?:knockedout:
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    Spam is a half decent catfish bait. If your not catching any then at least you can have a sandwich.
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    And Now For Something Completely Different:

    Monty Python - Spam
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