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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by upsace, Jul 22, 2006.

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    How all business phones\in the U.S.A. should

    Press "1" for English.
    Press "2" to disconnect until you have learned to
    speak English

    Have a nice day!
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    Giddy up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ade34

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    Hey upsace,

    Maybe when you learn to spell you will be able to say such things? :crying:

    I mean as a Brit do you know how annoying it is when I type the word COLOUR and spell checker says COLOR??? We who gave you the language have learn't to live with our language being mispelt.

    This is a diverse world and we need to learn to love more and accept other peoples ability to communicate.

    Don't put these people down.
    Get up off your a**e and offer to help these people the gift of a language you... Quite rightly, are so proud to use.

    Stay safe, all the best.
  5. aspenleaf

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    Well put! Just for fun check out this site:
    American and British English differences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I do not want to be rude or disrespectful, but out of plain curiosity, why do some brits hate American's because of the way we speak English? I find it interesting, out of some of the people that I've talked to, don't like us purely because of the way we speak.

    I also find it Interesting that American's are hated by most everybody...anywhere. I know I can't make the assumption that "EVERYBODY" hates us, because I know not EVERYBODY does, but MOST do.

    Anyway, I'm a southern boy. And if you don't like the way American's talk in general, come spend the day with me... that'll really set your opinion in concrete.

    By the way. I agree with upsace. If you want to come here to America, speak English. I don't care what dialect, just speak English.
    I'm not the one that is going to have to learn SPANISH so I can communicate with our fellow foreigners. If you really want to make my day better than it already is livin' in the south, learn a few slang words too.
  7. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    I beg to differ with most everything you have said. I don't know of you experiences travelling the world but my opinions are related to my extensive travel.

    In most South American countries Americans are treated quite well and definately respected. I say that having visited French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Equador (particularly friendly) and Peru (also quite friendly).

    Asians are also friendly to Americans. We felt welcome in India, very welcome in mainland China and warmly greeted in Tibet.

    Europeans, though somewhat reserved are for the most part friendly. Germans the Swiss and Austrians are quite friendly toward Americans. The Spanish and Portugeese are pleasant and friendly people. The Brits are reserved but again, well mannered and friendly. Generally we found the Italians to be the least friendly. In particluar waiters who are generally snooty and often attempt to ignor American customers. This I found to be true on all four trips in Italy.

    The Irish are a wonderful people. When we were in Cork we took a train from the port to the city. On leaving the train there are no signs to the center of town and though we sort of tried to follow the crowd we were a bit unsure of our path. A middle aged Irish woman noticed that we seemed lost . She approached us and asked "you're Americans aren't you?" after our replay she said "you can come with me". When we reached what was obviously town center she pointed out the bus station, the tourist shopping area with high end shops and told us that the same merchandise could be purchased on the other side of town for half the price! She left us at the bus station and told us that we could inquire there about tours and the way to the Blarney Castle. This was typical of our time there.

    On our last time in Paris we found everyone to be helpful and friendly. Won't bore you with the details but perhaps it is due to all the uproar in the USA over the attitude of the French government as of late.

    Other friendly places were French Polynisia, South Africa (still many signs of discrimination there but is is changing) and even Oman where we found the locals to be friendly too.

    Perhaps we are treated well since I always try to learn a few words in the local language and use them. Maybe ther are other reasons. Bottom line is don't believe all the crap you hear on news shows. They will take the worst examples of everything and blow them out of proportion. Well, I've been too long on the soap box. I another post I will give some clear examples of the news media distorting and in fact creating news for an unsuspecting public.
  8. over9five

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    Excellent post! (and thats why they call him "traveler"!)
  9. dannyboy

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    Ahhh guys.....we dont speak english, we speak american. IT closely resembles english, but that is all.

    Funny thing. As a kid in school for a year in germany I had a discussion with the teacher. Ya see, in germany, they spell Canada with a K not a
    C. I told the teacher they were wrong, that it was a C. She told me I was wrong.

    And while I did win the argument, I did lose the grade when I stated " well you know, if any body knows how to spell Kanada, it ought to be the Canadians, and they spell it with a C, not a K. Its their country, their language and they ought to know how it is spelled."

    I guess Ive always had that streak in me one way or another.

  10. Joopster

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    Nicely put.
  11. No Talent Clown

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    Fabulous!!! We're in America....learn our language.
  12. DS

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    I`m not sure how many differences us Canadians have with language compared to the Brits but heres a few I have to change to conform when chatting with our friends in the USA.
    Check as in $ is spelled Cheque
    Color is Colour
    Neighbor is Neighbour
    Theater is Theatre
    Center is Centre
    Favorite is Favourite
    Liter is Litre
    Theres a bunch more,thats all I could recall off the top of my head.
  13. aspenleaf

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    Does anyone remember many years back when AAEV or Ebonics was trying to be passed around the public schools a "legitimate" language? What do you think of AAEV?
  14. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    My comments were not directed as a way of showing hate toward Americans. Just a way of highlighting somone who in my mind is a bigot. I presume that almost all of us who come on here are employed by Brown, try reading the Policy Book or even one of the Legacy Books I know I can think of a few quotes that would apply to what is being said here.

    It is through being narrow minded so many of the worlds problems grow into the issues the majority of people are trying so hard to put a stop to.

    I am able to speak a small amount of another language by no means am I fluent however there have been quite a number of occaisions where by knowing this small amount of another language either my day has been made eaiser OR I have been able to offer some kind of help to another person. Who has also been willing enough to learn just a small amount of another language.

    How many of the tasks YOU find you wouldn't do for the pityful wage that is offered (they are normally the sh1t jobs we all hate doing), are taken by the very people that are being deamonised via this thread. Me i take my hat off to these people, yes maybe they can help themselves a little but maybe we can also help them too.

    This could be a possible way of increasing community involvement from your centre?

  15. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    I think Traveler has the idea of what I am saying, the last paragraph sums it all up for me.

    As a Service Provider we may need... Hello & Goodbye, I have a delivery / collection for..., Can you spell your last name please?.

    By trying to use the language they know well we may find they will also use the few words of English they know, after if we are willing to try and maybe get things wrong... who knows so may our customers?
  16. disneyworld

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    In his DEFENCE,What about when people speak a foreign language in front of someone who doesn't know the language? How's that for rude?
  17. Joopster

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    I was joking in my previous post.

    I do feel that if I were to go live in spain then I would learn their language.

    I do also feel that as a melting pot and with the great of diversity we have allowed into our country, then we should have some consideration for their language.

    The government should not mandate it as being necessary to accomodate these people because ideally, if they are going to live here, then they need to speak English, or at least enough to get around and use public services without needing to provide interpreters etc....
  18. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    A couple of quick thoughts.

    First off, anyone here that is from another country that was forced to come here is exempt. That would include slaves from the early 1500's through about 1870 or there abouts. Yall still hangin around, you are excused.

    Every body else, I am assuming you CHOSE to move here. Thats nice, and we are glad you are here. Now that you have been welcomed there are a few rules we live by here. WE dont hit our wives, we dont molest our children or dogs. We have laws to govern those that have no morals....learn them. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

    Learn our language. It is much easier for you to learn English than it is for 300 million of us to learn well over 1000 different languages and dialects. Hell, if you really want to know the truth, theres a bunch of us that cant even learn one really well.

    Next off, get a job. I am supporting a family of my own, and am having a tough time making ends meet. So get used to the idea you will have to work. And maybe momma too.

    For getting a job, we will let your kids go to our schools free of charge. At school they will learn English. And maybe some of it will rub off on you. More than likely, they will also be qualified for free insurance. Not you, but momma and the kids. You are just :censored2: out of luck there, so dont smoke, do drugs, in other words stay healthy.

    Now, if you can handle the responsibility of living here, we will allow you to become a citizen. But understand. That is something of great honor, to be valued as much as any other right, even more so. We expect you to live by the golden rules, helping your neighbor and your neighborhood. And pay taxes........welcome to the USA!

    And if you come and work for me, yeah, I will learn some of your language, but I sure as hell will help you learn ours.


    BTW, I turned down a free trip to Japan this year. I know that where we would be going, it is a great token of respect for your host if you know at least some basic communication skills.

    And it is that knowledge of respect and the flip side, the disrespect that has people like me really up in arms against those that would attack our way of life. It is a point of great disrespect to intentionally not learn the language, and they use it as a great source of national pride. In that case, show your national pride back where you ran from, we dont want it here.
  19. aspenleaf

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    Joopster ~ I had a teacher once say we were not really a melting pot since everyone does not conform. When things are melted together it becomes one big mess and everything is the same. He said the U.S. was more of a mosaic with all our diversity. What do you think?
  20. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Canada is famous for accepting immigrants...talk about diverse,we have native indians,indian indians,korean,chinese,japanese,iranian,italian,portuguese,vietnamese,greek,russian,serbian,trinidadian,jamaican,and african immigrants.I probobly missed a bunch.dont be offended if I forgot you.What we need is mexicans...can you spare a few?