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    Originally Posted by trickpony1
    I'm sorry but I've had time for an afterthought.:crying:
    Before you make that big leap into management, you may want to read the posts under the thread "has anyone left ups (non-retired)" in the "life after Brown" forum as well as posts in the "dividend" thread of this forum.
    I don't want you to make any uninformed decisions.:thumbup1:

    Thanks for the advice!

    One last question, what is the difference between a specialist and a supervisor both part-time and full-time?

    In addition, what are the pros and cons of each?

    Thank you everyone in advance for your helpful feedback!
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    Does anyone know what the difference is between the two classifications? I know they are are the same pay grade (at least for P/T)....
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    Why don't you ask your supervisor or HR?
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    You don't know that.

    My experience has been that you're talking about a grade 11 vs 37 vs 99.

    Certainly not the same pay grade.

    There *may* be circumstances where you have a specialist makes more than your average supervisor.

    There may also be circumstances where a supervisor makes more than a new manager.

    If you don't know the difference in classifications you probably don't need to know, IMO.
  5. Our hub: there was only full-time specialist, p/t and f/t supervisors. p/t was allowed to work 27.5 hrs /week and made about $1800 a month (on the high side). f/t stupidvisors started out $4500 a month got free stock and worked about 10-15 hrs a day. Specialist can not supervise hourlies or p/t supervisors. They can only work 40hrs a week and start out at about $3500 a month and do not get free stock.
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    Thanks for the informative response.
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    If you are choosing between the two, I recommend putting in for both on your letter of interest. This way, when you take your tests you are covered for either one. Also, check with HR in your area. I just did my process to find out there is only one specialist position in my district and little chance of any openings. (lack of good information before starting my paperwork).

    Best of luck.

    (did not catch the date on this before replying, but just in case it helps someone else i will leave it)
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    One is somebody who actually knows the job and performs it at a high level. The other is a supervisor.:lol: