Split shift on the belt to eliminate ot at 5 1/2????

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JDAM00, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I don't have all the info. I don't have much. We just had a meeting on our break this morning to talk about word that came down from our union rep that the am pre load is going to switch to a split shift. Working half the shift, 45 minutes off of work then finish the shift. The change would find a loop hole in the 5 1/2 hour ot. Does anyone have any information on this? If we change to a split, within the contract wouldn't the 2nd shift be optional? Like being asked to work the pm local sort?
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    Sounds fishy as hell to me. Did it come from your steward or BA?
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    Steward told us in a meeting while on break. He said our local rep told him, he doesn't have much info but will call us this weekend. I don't know if they are changing it for our facility, or this is a contract issue. I know last week I pulled 50 hours on the belt, and ran for another 20. We have 12:05 am start times and they have me loading 5 trucks maxed out at almost 2,000 pieces a night. Our facility has been a mess the last 6 months.
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    Taking a 'lunch' and resuming work does not constitute a second shift. Period. Someones palm got greased in some fashion. I'd blow a gasket and call the state council, international, then nlrb, if need be. Add in the Justice Dept, knowing me.
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    Here's the scoop. Its specific to our facility. because we are working 8-9 hours on the belt each day 2 problems came up. 1, ups is paying a lot of overtime, and 2, technically when we work an 8 hour shift we are supposed to have a lunch. How "management" and our worthless union business agent fixed this is the split shift for all of peak. We are going to have to come in 45 minutes earlier, work 4 hours, take a "lunch" that nobody wants to take, that we wont be paid for, punch back in for a second shift. because of the split shift we lose our OT after 5 1/2.

    This is such bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: I have to wake up and come in 45 minutes earlier, I have to find something to do at 4am so I don't fall back asleep, and I lose over $100 a week.

    What do I do?
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    Ok i have the scoop, and its bad. With peak us pre loaders are working 8 or 9 hour shifts. 1 we are technically supposed to have a lunch, and 2 Management doesnt like paying so much OT. So starting Monday, We are working a split shift. We have to come in 45 minutes earlier, work for 4 hours, take a 45 minute "lunch", that we dont want, that's unpaid, and work another 4 hours. because its 2 shifts we lost our OT at 5 1/2.

    So now I have to go to work 45 minutes earlier, I have to find something to do at 4am so I don't fall asleep, and I lose about $100 a week. What do I (we) do?
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    Do you still get your 10min paid break on one shift at least. Also preloading for 8-9 hours straight would be physically and mentally fatiguing. I think having the lunch put in there is the safest thing to do for your best interest. If you go over 40 for the week you get OT then anyways. Most combo jobs i know of do not have 2 hard jobs. One would be load then small sort. Again 8-9 hours of straight preload sounds like crazy misloads and safety problems.
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    Sounds like you and your fellow teamsters need to slow it down a lil bit. Hint
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    That's one plan. see how they like paying the drivers to stand around for an hour, that will surely be overtime. 34x1.5= 51 51 x 60 drivers $3,060
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    I don't see how they can FORCE u to work a second shift. It's the same job I don't see how they can call it a second shift. I would file under this immediately and if its two shift u should get two paid ten minute breaks right? I just don't see how they can do this.
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    The term "split shift" should not apply---you are being scheduled for an 8 hour shift with a mandatory 45 minute lunch halfway through the shift. You do not have the option of leaving after the first 4 hours as you still have 4 hours left on your shift.

    I would have to think that this is not a permanent change and will only be in effect for the next 11 working days.

    While I do agree that this sucks I can certainly see where the company is coming from on this one.
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    They are, and from what I heard our Union Rep agreed to it. all of us are furious. We think you're right about them not being able to force us to work the second shift. It seems to fall into the same category as managers asking us to run, or work the evening local sort. We are looking into the contract, people have talked about walking away from the second shift, leaving managers, and a few seasonal employees. I wouldn't be surprised if the seasonal didn't walk off with us. I hope our steward can get this straightened out by Monday.
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    It's not a split shift----it is an 8 hour shift with a mandatory 45 minute lunch after the first 4 hours. If you leave after the lunch you could be terminated for job abandonment as your shift is not over.
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    Are you a full time Article 22-3 Employee ? Or PT working a voluntary 2nd shift ? My understanding and check you suppliment language it should be full time OT after 8, PT overtime after 5, or if you work doubles OT after 8. Get a detailed explaination from your BA. Call the local get the number "work first grieve after". Walking out solves nothing.
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    Well then please explain why they called it a split shift, and said because it's 2 different shifts we will not get Overtime at 5 1/2 hours.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are not getting OT after 5.5 hours because you are scheduled to work an 8 hour shift.
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    SO if we finish our shift before 8 hours, are we getting our ot at 5.5 or because they scheduled an 8 hour we lose the OT?
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    You would lose the OT. Sorry.
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    Have you had this happen at your facility or are you throwing out a guess?